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Hometheater I
In the ideal home theater configuration, users want their A/V source equipment installed in a dedicated space – away from the theater area – in order to achieve the perfect atmosphere for an intimate, cozy, media experience. For comfortable viewing and listening, however, the high–definition TV and speakers need to be located in the theater area. By integrating a VanCryst™ VS481A, VE810 and VC880 into their setup, users are able to extend the distance between the source devices and the TV and speakers without sacrificing the quality of the A/V signals – letting them achieve their ideal configuration. They also have the convenience of selecting any of their A/V input sources (DVD player, set–top box, game console, etc.) without ever having to leave their seat with IR control unit.
Tailored Products

product VS481A
4–Port HDMI Switch
product VC880
HDMI Repeater Plus Audio De–embedder
product VE810
HDMI Extender with IR Control
  • Convenient selection of the HDMI source device (from up to 4 separate devices) for viewing on a single display
  • Flexible placement of the display and listening devices – separate from the A/V source equipment
  • Extracts the HDMI audio signal and outputs it as an additional audio source for amplifier and speakers
  • IR Signal Pass-through – the VE810 sends the Remote Control's IR signal from the remote unit to the local one – allowing easy switching among the source devices from the comfort of the theater area
  • Easy wall mounting
Solution Features

  • True Picture – Real Performance
Supports all HDMI standards with Deep Color and resolutions of up to 1080p (1920x1080) – allowing users to build high–end, cost–effective HDMI installations.
  • 3D Support
Supports the HDMI 3D format for compatibility with a broad range of multimedia applications.
  • Hardware Compatibility
Rigorous testing on a wide variety of audio/video equipment enables trouble free operation for the broadest range of today's media products.
  • Simplified Cabling
Use of Cat 5e cable allows for a greater distance between the source and A/V devices – allowing the source devices to be installed in an unobtrusive location, and eliminating bulky traditional cables to provide a neat, cozy, home theater environment.
  • User Friendly Installation & Operation
Quick and easy selection of the HDMI sources with a Remote Control. With a built–in bidirectional RS–232 serial port, the HDMI switch can be controlled with a high-end controller, PC, and/or a home automation / home theater software package. The inconvenience of having to constantly plug and unplug source devices each time the user wants a different output on the display device is completely eliminated.


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