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Hometheater II
In order to achieve a stunning visual experience, many home theater configurations use a projector to produce the ultimate in high definition video. The projector is usually mounted
overhead – at some distance from the A/V equipment cabinet located below the display screen. In addition, in order enjoy a complete entertainment experience, several different A/V entertainment devices are usually found in a home theater environment. Deploying a VanCryst™ VS482 and VE800 allows users to select which of their A/V entertainment devices to input to the projector and audio/video receiver (AVR) – eliminating the need to plug and unplug the source devices.
Tailored Products

product VS482
4–Port Dual View HDMI Switch
product VE800
HDMI Extender
  • Extends the distance between the A/V sources and an overhead projector
  • Easy switching among four A/V sources via pushbuttons or an IR control unit
  • RS-232 port supports integration with a high-end controller
Solution Features

  • True Picture – Real Performance
Supports all HDMI standards with Deep Color and resolutions of up to 1080p (1920x1080) – allowing users to build high–end, cost–effective HDMI installations.
  • 3D Support
Supports the HDMI 3D format for compatibility with a broad range of multimedia applications.
  • Hardware Compatibility
Rigorous testing on a wide variety of audio/video equipment enables trouble free operation for the broadest range of today's media products.
  • Simplified Cabling
Use of Cat 5e cable allows for a greater distance between the source and A/V devices – allowing the source devices to be installed in an unobtrusive location, and eliminating bulky traditional cables to provide a neat, cozy, home theater environment.
  • User Friendly Installation & Operation
Quick and easy selection of the HDMI sources with a Remote Control. With a built–in bidirectional RS–232 serial port, the HDMI switch can be controlled with a high-end controller, PC, and/or a home automation / home theater software package. The inconvenience of having to constantly plug and unplug source devices each time the user wants a different output on the display device is completely eliminated.


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