Red Dot Design Award Winner

The ATEN VM Seamless Switch Series wins Red Dot Interface Design Award

ATEN's VM Seamless Switch Series was expertly designed by ATEN’s in-house user experience team with the end user in mind.

The VM Seamless Switch Series is a pro A/V solution for video wall and digital signage applications. Through its user-friendly interface, the series reduces the complexity associated with video wall configurations, digital signage setups, and their control. Equipped with ATEN’s unique Scalers and seamless engines, the VM Seamless Switch Series delivers quick and precise video streaming without delays.

Video wall design made easy

Easily group and ungroup monitors

Effortlessly overcome framing issues

With ATEN's VM Seamless Switch Series you can easily align videos across multiple monitors.
Overcome framing issues

Easily select the source

The VM Seamless Switch Series allows you to quickly select your input from multiple sources.
Select the source

What you see is what you get!

The interface of the VM Seamless Switch Series mirrors the look and feel of the video wall. So, what you see is what you get!

Anytime, anywhere, anybody can use it!

Easy to use

See it in action!

VM Seamless Switch User Interface Video

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