The CL3000 Light–weight PS/2–USB LCD Console
The CL3000 Light–weight PS/2–USB LCD Console is an integrated KVM (keyboard, monitor, and mouse) console module that serves as the front end console for compatible KVM switches. With its outstanding reliability and features, it is the best solution for administrators frequently moving locations and/or working in high vibration environments such as in transports, moving vehicles, active data centers, or on factory floors.
Vibration Resistant

MIL–STD–810G testing provides certified reliable operation of the CL3000 Console in harsh environments. The MIL–STD–810G uses advanced testing procedures to emphasize the equipment's environmental design and limits in real world conditions, which it will experience throughout its life, such as operating in moving vehicles or functioning on factory floors where vibrations are high and experienced frequently.

Compared to other LCD consoles, the CL3000 Console is extremely light and durable, weighing in at only 8.41 kg – 35% Lighter. The light–weight design combined with a space–saving Slideaway™ housing feature is why the CL3000 offers the most complete solution, with the strongest most reliable installation and ease of operation possible.

The CL3000 Light-weight Console minimizes your costs with an integrated 19" LED–backlit LCD monitor. Compared to traditional LCD consoles with built-in "LCD" monitors, the CL3000 saves 33% energy cost to operate. It not only saves on operational costs, but is also establishes perseverance in terms of environmental protection.


As an advanced LCD console, the CL3000 Light–weight PS/2–USB LCD Console also supports these features:
Space Efficient Design

The CL3000 LCD Console provides a streamlined method to conserve server room rack space by integrating a retractable LED monitor, keyboard, and touchpad in a 1U housing that is designed to install easily and operate smoothly.
Easy Installation Options

Normal rack mounting of an LCD console requires two people to accomplish the installation. To enable an individual to easily and conveniently perform the installation themselves, the optional single person Easy Installation Rack Mount Kit was created for a simple streamlined installation of our LCD consoles.

Exceptional User Experience

A number of features to provide an exceptional experience for administrators have been incorporated into the CL3000. For example, if you find using a touchpad inconvenient, our external mouse port lets administrators use an external device instead. The addition of extra console ports enables administrators to manage computers from an external console (monitor, keyboard and mouse) setup of their choice. Dual Interface support offers computers with PS/2 or USB keyboards and mice to be used as external consoles. Helpful labels and color-coded icons on the switches make it easier and more efficient for administrators to perform their management installation and operations.
Safe Operation

The console lock is designed to offers safe, secure, and more convenient operation of the KVM switches. The console lock feature prevents the unit from sliding in and out at random – thereby eliminating potential accidents that might cause injury or damage.

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