Overview: 3-in-1 includes IPMI, iKVM and vUSB


Providing a full IPMI 2.0 compliant solution, ATEN’s special design has a faster booting time, superior performance and easily customizable features.


This function is hardware level KVM redirection over IP. Its video redirection and USB keyboard/ Mouse emulation are platform independent Windows desktop, Linux GUI interface, BIOS setup page and so on, can be redirected to remote user. Remote keyboard/ mouse can also be emulated to control servers. Image quality adjustments, LAN bandwidth control and multi-session handle are also implemented.


Servers can be booted or files copied to or from virtual disks redirected from the remote client through the LAN interface. As a result, IT managers can easily work from their own cubical.

ATEN’s 3-in-1 solution also offers other management methods. HTTP/ HTTPs, TELNET, SSH, WS-MAN, CLP, CIMOM and so on are supported. Either JAVA client or Win client can be provided depending on customer requirements.



  • IPMI 2.0 Compliant
    • IPMI 2.0 Compliant (All mandatory commands must be verified by ICTS 6.02 KCS, LAN and serial channel)
    • KCS Interface
    • UAET Interface (SOL and EMP)Internet.Ink — I2C Interface
    • IPMB Interface
    • Watchdog Support
    • SEL Support (1028 records)
    • SDR Support
    • FRU Support
    • Event Generate and Receive
    • PET/PEF Support
    • RMCP/RMCP+ Support
    • Authentication Support (HMAC-SHA1, HMAC-MD5, MD5, AES-CBC)
    • VLAN Support
    • SOL Support
    • Encryption Support
    • Firmware Firewall Support
    • IPMI User Privilege Level (Admin, Operator, User, Callback)
  • DCMI V1.0 Compliant
  • Web Browser
    • IE6.0 and greater
    • Mozilla Firefox
  • Web/LAN Interface
    • OS Independent
    • Web Server Support
    • Java Based Client Side Support
    • SSL (HTTPS) Support
    • User Privilege Support for IPMI 2.0 (Admin, Operator, User, Callback)
    • SNMP MIB Support
    • Display IPMI Information (BMC version/SEL/SDR/FRU)
    • Display Hardware Sensor Value and Current Status
    • Light Locator LED On/Off and Display LED State
    • Display Power State
    • Command Line Interface (DMTF SMASH CLP), (SSH/Telnet)
    • WS-WAN Support
    • LDAP Support
    • RADIUS Support
    • 16 Multilanguage Support
  • Keyboard, Video, and Mouse (KVM) Console Redirection with Multi-language Support
    • Video Recording
    • Blue Screen Detection
    • Screen Scaling
    • Full Screen Display
  • Virtual Media
    • USB/ SATA/ IDE Disk Redirection
    • Remote Boot, File Copy
    • Multi-remote Device
    • Data Encryption
  • 3rd Party Authentication
    • RADIUS / LDAP / Active Directory
  • Web Notification
    • SNMP Trap (PET)
    • E-mail (SMTP)
  • Full Web Configuration
    • User Configuration (Create and modify user ID password, privilege level)
    • Notification Configuration (Destination IP for SNMP/PET)
    • Sensor Threshold Configuration
    • Sensor Event Action Configuration
    • PEF Configuration
    • LAN Configuration (Static IP, Subnet, Gateway, DNS, DHCP, DDNS)
    • Load Default Configuration, Backup/Restore Configuration to EEPROM or File
    • NTP
  • Remote Power Control
    • Hardware Power On/Off
    • Hardware Reset
    • OS Shutdown
    • OS Reset
    • Scheduled Power Control
  • Remote Update
    • BMC Firmware
    • Firmware Recovery
  • Firmware Flash Utilities for Windows, Linux, and Dos
  • Customization Support
    • Highly Customizable Firmware SDK
  • Chipset Independent
    • Renesas / Aspeed / Winbond
  • Development OS Independent
    • RTOS (Thread X), Linux
  • Others
    • Intel Node Manager Support
    • IPv6 (Web, iKVM, Virtual Storage)


3-in-1 IPMI