Pure IPMI firmware is a compact and high performance IPMI 2.0 solution. It includes an IPMI core library, development kits and customization utilities. Utilities include a BMC configuration utility, SDR related utilities, firmware image utilities and all with detailed documentation.

All IPMI 2.0 functions and features are fully implemented and tested, including KCS, IPMB, RMCP, RMCP+, authentication, encryption, message bridging, chassis control, firmware firewall, sensor scan, SOL, PET/ PEF and so on. Conformance with ICTS and other well-known management software is guaranteed.

In addition to IPMI 2.0 command set support, it also has the most comprehensive sensor and NICs support. This feature helps OEM customers to shorten the developing cycle time.

For quality assurance, ATEN has developed their our own IPMI testing tool named IPMI Protocol Checker (IPC). This will enlarge our testing coverage than just ICTS. OEM customers can also have their own testing script based on their IPC architecture.

For time to market considerations, a full customization service is also possible in our negotiable business model.



  • IPMI 2.0 Compliant
    • IPMI 2.0 Compliant (All mandatory commands must be verified by ICTS 6.02 KCS, LAN and serial channel)
    • KCS Interface
    • UAET Interface (SOL and EMP)Internet.Ink — I2C Interface
    • IPMB Interface
    • Watchdog Support
    • SEL Support (1028 records)
    • SDR Support
    • FRU Support
    • Event Generate and Receive
    • PET/PEF Support
    • RMCP/RMCP+ Support
    • Authentication Support (HMAC-SHA1, HMAC-MD5, MD5, AES-CBC)
    • VLAN Support
    • SOL Support
    • Encryption Support
    • Firmware Firewall Support
    • IPMI User Privilege Level (Admin, Operator, User, Callback)
  • DCMI V1.0 Compliant
  • Web Browser
    • IE6.0 and greater
    • Mozilla Firefox
  • Web/LAN Interface
    • OS Independent
    • Web Server Support
    • Java Based Client Side Support
    • SSL (HTTPS) Support
    • User Privilege Support for IPMI 2.0 (Admin, Operator, User, Callback)
    • SNMP MIB Support
    • Display IPMI Information (BMC version/SEL/SDR/FRU)
    • Display Hardware Sensor Value and Current Status
    • Light Locator LED On/Off and Display LED State
    • Display Power State
    • Command Line Interface (DMTF SMASH CLP), (SSH/Telnet)
    • WS-WAN Support
    • LDAP Support
    • RADIUS Support
    • 16 Multilanguage Support
  • 3rd Party Authentication
    • RADIUS / LDAP / Active Directory
  • Web Notification
    • SNMP Trap (PET)
    • E-mail (SMTP)
  • Full Web Configuration
    • User Configuration (Create and modify user ID password, privilege level)
    • Notification Configuration (Destination IP for SNMP/PET)
    • Sensor Threshold Configuration
    • Sensor Event Action Configuration
    • PEF Configuration
    • LAN Configuration (Static IP, Subnet, Gateway, DNS, DHCP, DDNS)
    • Load Default Configuration, Backup/Restore Configuration to EEPROM or File
    • NTP
  • Remote Power Control
    • Hardware Power On/Off
    • Hardware Reset
    • OS Shutdown
    • OS Reset
    • Scheduled Power Control
  • Remote Update
    • BMC Firmware
    • Firmware Recovery
  • Firmware Flash Utilities for Windows, Linux, and Dos
  • Customization Support
    • Highly Customizable Firmware SDK
  • Chipset Independent
    • Renesas / Aspeed / Winbond / Emulex
  • Development OS Independent
    • RTOS (Thread X), Linux
  • Others
    • Intel Node Manager Support