3-in-1 SDK is a set of source code, system core libraries and utilities. All of these have detailed documentation. Customers can use SDK to carry out the customization necessary to build their firmware images for their different products. For example, the sensors list, the IPMI channels or the video source may be different in different products. Customers can use SDK to configure modification firmware to meet their varying requirements.

With 3-in-1 SDK, all necessary code that is related to customization is provided at source level. These include sensor table, channel table, NVRam table and so on. Users can simply modify the table entries to carry out the customization.

3-in-1 SDK is a linux based developing environment. We provide a Linux script program that helps users to configure firmware when a new product is created. In this script program, user can choose different NIC solutions, different video sources for the iKVM function or choose different management protocols. For example, if a customer needed a WS-MAN function support in new product, when they use this script program to create a new project, they just need to enable the WS-MAN support. And after compilation, the new firmware will be WS-MAN enabled.

3-in-1 SDK also provides useful utilities for customers’ convenience. These include SDR related utilities and firmware update utilities.

3-in-1 SDK is provided with detailed documentation. All customization steps are explained in detail. By reading these documents, users can learn how to build their unique firmware image using ATEN’s 3-in-1 SDK.


  • IPMI
  • iKVM
  • Web Server
  • Open Blade
  • OpenWSMAN
  • SNMP
  • DDNS
  • Node Manager
  • NTP
  • DCMI
  • TFTP
  • UPNP
  • LLDP