Pure IPMI   3-in-1   IGSM   SDK   Daughter Card
Pure IPMI firmware is a compact and high per-formance IPMI 2.0 solution. It includes an IPMI core library, development kits and customization utilities....   3-in-1 includes IPMI, iKVM and vUSB. ATEN’s 3-in-1 solution also offers other management methods. HTTP/ HTTPs, TELNET, SSH, WS-MAN, CLP, CIMOM and so on ....   IGSM is a network management solution that allows you to view and manipulate all your systems and spot operational problems or potential malfunctions....   3-in-1 SDK is a set of source code, system core libraries and utilities. All of these have detailed docu-mentation. Customers can use SDK to carry out the customization....   Daughter Card includes IP1101 Global BMC Management card, IP1200 OPMA (Open Platform Management Architecture) M1 Card and IP1500A OPMA M3 Card.