Success Story: Guangzhou Municipality Central Server Room
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I. Analysis of Requirements

There are 24 servers equipped inside the server room of the Guangzhou Municipality under the management of at least 4 administrators. Three administrators are located in the control room near the server, and the other administrator privileges are shared by resident personnel in Shanghai, Beijing and New York. To ensure the smooth operation and management of the existing system, it is needed to accomplish the following objectives;

(1) To ensure "jam-free" management: when an administrator has linked to certain servers, other administrators should be able to control the remaining servers without mutual conflicts;

(2) To provide excellent system expandability for increasing control terminals or servers by means of chaining;

(3) To allow every administrator to control with convenient methods, to name the servers to facilitate identification, and to control via the OSD menu; and

(4) To monitor and scan different servers simultaneously for real-time monitoring.

II. Products

Altusen KM0432 Matrix KVM Switch
ATEN CN-6000 KVM on the NET
Altusen PS/2 CPU module (KA9120)
Altusen SUN CPU module (KA9130)
Altusen SUN USB CPU module (KA9131)
Altusen Serial device module (KA9140)
Altusen USB CPU module (KA9170)

III. System Outline

All 24 servers in the Guangzhou Municipality server room can be switched from one Altusen KM0432 Matrix KVM Switch. The KM0432 provides 4 control consoles to allow 4 administrators to switch to any servers under their command, including the remote administrator. In connections, all 24 servers can be connected to the KM0432 with Cat. 5 cables and CPU modules, and the control PCs that are used by the 3 administrators in the control room can also be linked to the KM0432 with Cat. 5 cables and console modules.

The remote administrator can link to the KM0432 via the ATEN CN-6000 remote server room management device in order to obtain the access authority to the servers in the server room via a gateway.

The CN-6000 supports 32 users to log in to the system simultaneously. Therefore, wherever the remote administrator is, Shanghai, Beijing or New York, network management personnel can manage different servers equipped inside the Guangzhou Municipality server room in turn via the connections established by the CN-6000.

The Altusen range offers computer modules for converting signals corresponding to the specification of servers, such as the PS/2 CPU module (KA9120), the SUN CPU module (KA9130), the SUN USB CPU module (KA9131), serial device module (KA9140), and the PC USB module (KA9170), to fulfill the needs of different servers.

IV. System Advantages

(1) Excellent expandability: The flexible expandability of the KM0432 allows users to control 32 servers simultaneously, and a maximum of 2048 servers of different specifications (PC, LINUX, MAC and SUN) via incorporation.

(2) Efficient and smooth management: The KM0432 is equipped with an OSD menu and scan function; and the CN-6000 provides an easy-to-use browser interface to facilitate network management.

(3) Multiparty remote management: The CN-6000 allows multiple administrators to log in to the system simultaneously.

(4) Advanced security and protection: The CN-6000 provides 128-bit SSL and 1024-bit RSA encryption functions to ensure leak-proof server data access over the Internet.