Feature Article: Combination and Application of Matrix Management and Remote Control
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Enterprise IT professionals are constantly searching for ways to better manage computers in the server room. Increasingly, they need to provide ways for multiple users to manage multiple servers. Moreover, there is a need for remote operation and control of the servers through the network. ATEN provides the complete solution: the KM0432 Matrix KVM Switch, the KA9222 Console Module and the CN-6000 KVM on the NET. These allow multiple remote users simultaneous access and control of the server room installation.

Product Functions

KM0432 Matrix KVM Switch

A single KM0432 KVM Switch allows 4 users to control and operate 32 servers. In enterprises with medium or large server rooms, the KM0432 allows the user to manage servers from a distance of up to 150 meters, inside or outside the server room.

•Flexible Interface Module, Highly Space-Saving

The KM0432 Matrix KVM Switch employs an RJ-45 interface to connect up to 4 consoles to 32 servers, occupying only 1U of rack space. The connections between the 4 consoles and the KM0432 and the connections between the KM0432 and servers can be made with standard Category 5 (CAT5) cable. Users can purchase suitable CPU modules for connections specific to their individual system requirements. CPU modules, which connect servers to the KM0432, provide interfaces including PS/2, USB, Sun and Serial. These provide compatibility with operating systems such as PC, Mac, Sun Solaris and Linux. For connection between the console modules and the KM0432, the user can also choose between PS/2 and USB interface. Both CPU and console modules connect to the KM0432 using CAT5 cables.

Each user console can be placed a distance of up to 150 meters from the KVM switch. From the user console to the server, the distance can be extended up to a total of 300 meters. This allows administrators and users to operate servers from locations outside of the server room. The KM0432 has built-in VGA Auto Signal Compensation (ASC), which automatically senses the distance between the switch and the CPU module, adjusting the signal strength to compensate for signal loss. Thus the quality of the VGA signal is preserved up to 150 meters.

•Highly Flexible Expansion, Excellent Hierarchical Management

The KM0432 Matrix KVM Switch offers two expansion options: daisy chain and cascade. Users can choose between or combine these two expansion modes according to their specific environment and individual needs. In daisy chain mode, one KM0432 connects to another through the Daisy Chain ports. Up to eight KM0432s can be daisy chained at one time. Each individual switch connects to servers to extend the network, controlling up to 512 computers simultaneously. Moreover, under the daisy chain structure, only Super Administrators and authorized users can control all the connected servers. Administrators and/or users on the second and subsequent KM0432 switches can control only the 32 servers connected to that switch and all servers daisy chained down from that switch. Therefore, the administrator can setup different levels of access according to security and internal operation requirements.

Utilizing the cascade method, compatible KVM switches are connected to the KM0432 through the CPU ports. More servers are then connected to the cascaded switches, multiplying the number of computers that can be controlled by users on the KM0432.

•Highly Efficient Operation Design

The KM0432 provides various modes of port switching. The user can switch ports using hotkeys or an On Screen Display (OSD). The OSD list automatically increases or decreases port options as servers are connected or removed. The OSD provides two port switching methods: 1) scroll through the OSD list to locate the server port and click on it, 2) directly key in the name or number of the port to switch to that specific server.

By changing the OSD display mode, users can enlarge or reduce the number of servers displayed in the list based on their specific requirements. These modes include List All, Power On, Quick View and Power On + Quick View. For enhanced management convenience, there is an auto scan function for the administrator. The scan period can be set between 1-255 seconds. The system will automatically scan the ports according to the specified time interval. This is a very useful function, allowing the administrator to monitor the status of each server in real time.

The broadcast function allows the administrator to operate all servers connected to the KVM system at the same time. The administrator can broadcast a keyboard command to all the connected servers; each server simultaneously receives and carries out the command. This creates a highly synchronized environment. The administrator can broadcast commands to all the servers, turning them on or off, installing or removing applications, and even processing operations or tests.

•Excellent Management and Security Mechanism

In the area of management, the KM0432 provides 3-level password security. At the top is the "Super Administrator", then the "Administrator" and lastly the "User". Different levels of users are assigned different levels of access and management capabilities. These different levels are assigned by the Super Administrator based on the specific needs and tasks of the user. For example, the Super Administrator has priority access to all ports, so if a user has control of a certain port, the Super Administrator can override the user and take control of the port. The various accounts provide users with different levels of management capabilities on the KM0432.

When there are multiple users operating at the same time, the KM0432 administrator can, according to the status of the user operating the server, assign each user to different modes. There are three different modes: Full Access, View Only and No Access. On each server, Full Access users are able to input commands or perform other operations when they are logged into the server. View Only users are only allowed to view the status of the server. They can not perform operations on the server. Their keyboard and mouse are disabled so that they can only view the server. No Access users can neither view nor perform operations on the server. In addition to these security features, the system provides an automatic logout protection function when there has not been any activity within the specified period of time appointed by the user. This feature also adds to the overall security and management of the system.

KA9222 PS/2 Console Module

The KA9222 Console Module belongs to the KM0432 product series. In addition to being an interface for the keyboard, mouse and monitor to connect to the KM0432 Matrix Switch, it also supports a PC connection. It supports PS/2 keyboard and mouse. This allows for control of a local computer as well as the remote KM0432 Matrix Switch. Other console modules are available that support USB mouse or keyboard and are compatible with all computer systems.

The KA9222 connects to the KM0432 Matrix Switch via an RJ-45 interface with a CAT5 cable. It can be placed a distance of 150 meters away from the switch. The user can operate the server connected to KM0432, which is placed 150 meters away, by using the keyboard, mouse and monitor. The user can access a server which can be placed up to a total of 300 meters away.

CN-6000 KVM on the Net

•Remote Access Management Solution

The CN-6000 is a single port computer/KVM remote control device. It provides a solution for the user who needs to operate and control a server in a remote location through the LAN, WAN or Internet. The user can directly control the BIOS of the computer, giving the administrator complete control of a remote server. The CN-6000 works in conjunction with the KM0432 Matrix Switch to control multiple servers. It can also simply connect to a single computer. Users can choose combinations suitable for their working environments.

•Lightweight and Compact, Easy Installation

The CN-6000 is extremely lightweight and compact. It can be placed on the rack without taking up valuable rack space (0U). It is designed for desktop and rack mounting with a small footprint. Installation and setup are simple. The KM0432 Matrix Switch, or a server, is connected to the CN-6000. Then, the CN-6000 is connected to the local network (or a WAN or the Internet). The CN-6000 also provides ports for a local console. The user can connect a keyboard, mouse and monitor to the CN-6000 to control the local server or KVM installation.

•Easy Setup, Convenient Operation and Management

The CN-6000 provides an installation package of tools to aid the administrator to set up the system. The remote user can use an Internet browser over the LAN, WAN or Internet to access the computer or KVM switch that is connected to the CN-6000. Browser-based operation is easy and convenient because is does not require installation of software. When a Windows-compatible browser or a Java™-enabled browser is not available, both a Windows Client and a Java Client can be installed to give the user access to the CN-6000.

Up to 32 users can concurrently log in and operate the CN-6000. There are 64 user accounts provided for internal management. In addition, a log server records a user’s system operation history. This gives the system administrator the ability to monitor the status of system operations.

• Security Encryption and Management Mechanism

The CN-6000 supports RADIUS user authentication and multiple data encryption methods, including DES (56-bit), AES (256-bit), RSA (1024-bit) advanced security encryption and SSL (128-bit) for advanced security. In addition, the administrator can use Administration Tools to restrict allowable IP and MAC addresses of users wishing to log in. Administrators can also set up the Java program name and the MAC addresses of administrator stations for greater control and increased system security. Moreover, the CN-6000 can be switched from a normal working mode to Stealth Mode, avoiding unwanted pings on the network. When Stealth Mode is enabled, ICMP ping requests are denied, effectively hiding your installation from intruders. Administrators also can disable Echo Mode so that anyone running the Windows AP program cannot detect the CN-6000 installation. When Echo Mode is disabled, users running the Windows or Java Clients cannot detect the CN-6000 on the network, thus offering added security. The system also provides functions such as control of login errors, automatic logging out, etc. All these combine to provide powerful security for the CN-6000.


Connectivity Solutions

Combining the KM0432 Matrix Switch and the KA9222 Console Module with the CN-6000 KVM on the NET, ATEN provides the perfect solution to satisfy the needs of multiple users/servers and the need for remote user access and control.

The KM0432 is a KVM Matrix Switch and is connected to each server or computer through a CPU module and CAT5 cable. Various CPU module interfaces are available to connect any computer or server to the KM0432. These include the KA9120 (PS/2), KA9170 (USB), KA9130 (Sun), KA9131 (Sun USB) and KA9140 (Serial).

The CN-6000 KVM on the NET is connected to the KM0432 Matrix Switch through the KA9222 – PS/2 Console Module since the CN-6000 has a PS/2 interface. A console can be connected to the CN-6000 through a CAT5 cable and an appropriate console module. The user can choose a PS/2 (KA9222) or USB (KA9272) console module to connect to the keyboard, mouse, monitor and a local PC.

The CN-6000 can also connect to the network through its port. The CN-6000 also provides a port for a local console and PC. The user can connect his keyboard, mouse and monitor to the ports on the local console when needed.

After installation and setup, the administrator/user can control remote servers connected to KM0432 through the LAN, WAN or Internet. The user can also employ the use of daisy chains or cascades to flexibly expand the system according to the needs of the internal server room.


Medium or Large Enterprise Server Room

The KM0432 Matrix Switch, the KA9222 Console Module and the CN-6000 KVM on the NET combine to provide an accommodating solution for the specific needs of medium to large enterprises and their server rooms. One single KM0432 Matrix Switch offers 4 users control over 32 servers. Daisy chaining and cascading the KM0432 Matrix Switch allows the user to connect devices efficiently meeting the specific needs of the server room environment. The network is extendable, controlling up to 512 computers simultaneously.

CPU modules are available to connect any server or computer to the KM0432 or CN-6000. Administrators and IT professionals can customize their setup according to the number and specification of the servers and computers. The CN-6000 KVM on the NET satisfies the need of remote access and control of the server room. The KA9222 connected to the KM0432 allows the user to both work on their local PC and switch to controlling the KVM installation when needed. The CN-6000 provides a solution to the need of remote control of the medium or large server room. This provides a cost efficient way to manage servers remotely.

In addition, this setup allows for growth and extension. When the server room is expanded, the CN-6000 is able to accommodate for the growth and another compatible remote control solution is not necessary. With the highly flexible and practical combination of the KM0432 Matrix Switch, the CN-6000 KVM on the NET, and specific console modules, the administrator or IT professional can purchase the complete KVM and remote control solution.

Professional Unit Server Room

At the core of the KM0432 Matrix Switch, the KA9222 Console Module and the CN-6000 KVM on the NET combination is the Matrix Switch. The KM0432 Matrix Switch was developed specifically to meet the needs of enterprises with a large number of servers. It can also meet the special needs and requirements of professional units, such as large server rooms (IDC, ISP, ICP, etc.). Moreover, the capability for hierarchical management and the level of control allows for a large multi-user working environment and the ability to manage a large professional server room.

Using the CN-6000 on the NET along with the KM0432 Matrix Switch, it is possible for IT engineers to avoid running from place to place, saving valuable time. From the comfort of their own desks, they can operate and monitor the system in the server room in real time through the internal network. This allows for efficiency by minimizing the time away from their desks. Moreover, for head IT administrators, in the case of an emergency, they can deal with the problem by accessing the CN-6000 through the Internet. This means that whether they are down the hall or half-way around the world, they can deal with the problem as if they were in the server room.

•International Enterprise Server Room

With rapid globalization, enterprises push forward, establishing and strengthening their presence overseas. Many overseas business bases are established as branches or subsidiaries. Other businesses relocate their factories to other countries with lower cost of labor. In this global economy, enterprises want to maintain a high level of system management and control. They also need to find ways of closely interacting with their branches overseas.

Not only does the KVM system (the combination of the KM0432 Matrix Switch, the KA9222 Console Module and the CN-6000 KVM on the NET) fulfill the needs of server rooms of different levels, but it also provides the solution for IT staff to remotely access and control servers, wherever they might be located. The CN-6000 provides management capabilities and allows for easy communications and interactions between headquarters and branches, or between branches. With this system, know-how and responsibilities are shared. Labor costs are minimized as well.

•Enterprises with Branch Offices and/or Factories around the Globe

As enterprises expand, often offices are not set up in the same area. Offices may be dispersed between different floors or among different buildings in a complex. Offices and factories may be located in one large area. For these kinds of enterprises, the combination of the KM0432 Matrix Switch, the KA9222 Console Module and the CN-6000 KVM on the NET provides an efficient and complete solution. Management of computers and servers within an office, in other rooms, or across the globe is made easy by ATEN’s KVM solution. Administrators may not be physically present, but they can still control the system remotely. The KM0432 can satisfy the needs of all levels of enterprise server rooms. The CN-6000 allows users to operate the server through the LAN. They do not need to run back and forth from their desks to the server room. Rewiring the LAN cabling is also not necessary.