Feature Article: LCD KVM & Remote Control Solution

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Convenience and space saving have long been the major concerns for all kinds of equipment room management solutions. The ATEN "LCD KVM & Remote Control Solution", mainly comprising the LCD KVM and the remote management devices, provides the user with more convenient use and effective space saving, as well as increased efficiency in equipment room management.

Product Features

The "LCD KVM & Remote Control Solution" kit comprises:

  • KL0116 x 1
  • CN6000 x 1
  • KA9250 x 1

Via combination of above components, users are enabled to configure their equipment room with ease based on practicality and convenience. These products have the following features:

KL0116--- 16-port LCD KVM Switch

KL0116 is a 16-port LCD KVM Switch. The term "LCD KVM" refers to the hardware that integrates all the monitor, keyboard and mouse functions of the console into a single set of LCD, keyboard and mouse with a KVM switch. The design concept of such a product is for satisfying the requirements in the equipment room. By adding ingenious mechanism designs to the KVM functions, the user is enabled to build a KVM console without the need of purchasing any additional monitor, keyboard or mouse. Owing to the 1U-scale of the resulting KVM-console integration, plus with the folding design of the monitor, you just need to pull it out from a drawer when required; when not used, the set can be compacted into a 19" rack effectively saving the rack space.

A single KL0116 is capable of connecting 16 PS/2-interfaced servers; by way of daisy chain connection, compatible KVM switches (KH0116) can be linked in series for expanding manageable servers, with a maximum of 31 KVM switches connecting up to 512 servers. The set integrates a 15" LCD, 1024x768 (250 cd/m2), XGA, offering exquisite video quality, with a keyboard and a touch-panel-mouse.

The set is user friendly, Plug-N-Play supported, requires no additional software, and provides OSD and Hotkey functions; it provides for all the port-switching requirements. Furthermore, aside from controlling all the connected servers with the integrated LCD KVM, a KA9250 – the KVM remote extension – can be incorporated to link a user beyond a distance of up to 500 feet for controlling the servers.

KL0116 also supports hot-plugging. The user can add or remove server mainframes freely without turning off the KVM console; the OSD "port-connection menu" will automatically display the number of connected servers, add or remove, and rename according to the adding-in or removal of server connection. The system also provides Auto Scan function of which the user can setup a scanning interval (1-255 sec.) for each port; system will scan the connected servers accordingly, so as to provide the user with a flexible control over use status of each server. Via OSD inspection, versatile display modes are available for meeting with user's particular monitoring requirements; this includes List All mode, Power On mode, Quick View mode, and Power On + Quick View mode. As for the management, KL0116 provides for user account and password for the system Administrator, as well as other functions such as self specified Time Out for automatic log-out protection, port name-editing by the administrator, and so on. It also supports firmware upgrade; users are welcome to download latest Firmware editions from the company website, so as to ensure the optimal functionality and investment effectiveness of the entire system.

KA9250--- Extended KVM for remote control

KA9250 is a remote control device that connects to the remote control port of KL0116 via a Cat. 5 cable and supports an extension of up to 500 feet. It comprises a set of connectors for connecting the remote PS/2 keyboard, mouse, and monitor. Besides a 1280 x 1024 XGA resolution, it also provides automatic signal compensation which adjusts the video quality automatically.

CN6000---- Remote Management Solution

CN-6000 is a single-port "remote KVM/server control" device for enhancing remote control functions of a KVM Switch. Via a CN-6000, the user is enabled to link with a computer/server or a KVM Switch, for controlling the Internet/LAN-linked server or KVM from a remote location.

  • Compact and light-weight design, 0U form factor for next-to-none rack occupancy, creates the maximum area-effectiveness of an equipment room.
  • Industrial TCP/IP protocol is used for the user to manage from anywhere in the world, with the convenience of Remote IP Management, as long as the Internet service is available.
  • Supports BIOS level access; direct control of BIOS of the PS/2 Server can be achieved through Internet Protocol (IP). Although products similar to the remote control software exist in the market place, they require installation of the program in each computer and can only be applicable when the OS is initiated. By contrast, this product requires no software installation and is directly capable of BIOS level control.
  • Uses UTP cables, supports twisted-pair type cables of CAT5, CAT5e, CAT6 and CAT7; upgrades company IT level by the compatibility of more advanced twisted-pair cables.
  • The system employs RSA 1024bit advanced safety encryption as well as DES 56bit, AES 256bit, and SSL 128bit data encrypt systems; furthermore, functions such as IP filter, MAC filter, Admin Station Filter, Java Program Name, etc. are also provided for ensuring system safety control by the system administrator.
  • Firmware can be upgraded directly through IP network, facilitating convenient upgrading without the need of additional line connections as well as maintaining the system in an optimal use condition.
  • Provides event log function for recording system activities. To the system administrator, the event log provides for relative information concerning the system operation in addition to supervision of the status of use.
  • It provides multiple login with a maximum of 16 users and a maximum registration of 64 users; to a system administrator, this means additional control conveniences and the capability of providing sufficient user accounts to different users.
  • Supports all the operation systems: DOS, UNIX, and so on.

Descriptions of Use

  1. A single KL0116 unit can connect up to 16 servers via its CPU Ports; should the user require more server control in the equipment room, optional KH0116 can be used by using the serial port connecting up to 31 KVM switches for controlling up to 512 servers.
  2. Connecting the KL0116 with the KA9250 provides for the possibility of remote control from a distance as far as 150m. In this solution, it allows connection of the CN6000 with the KA9250, for supporting functions of remote management via TCP/IP.
  3. Further more, CN6000 also provides a Local Console connection for connecting a PS/2 keyboard, a mouse and a monitor.
  4. On completion of installation of the KL0116 and CN6000 according to the relevant instructions, remote control of the KL0116 and of the servers connected to the rear end of the serial KVM link can be activated via the LAN and Internet connection.

Application environment

1. Basic setup of the small-to-medium enterprise equipment rooms

For KVM management solutions in equipment rooms, ATEN's LCD KVM and remote control solution provides an integral range of applications covering the KVM console that provides serial link of servers for management of multiple servers from a single terminal; the basic configuration of controlling devices such as the keyboard, mouse and monitor; or the setup that extends the control to meters away by KVM extenders; and of course the IP remote control solutions that have already become the mainstream of today's market place. In a small-to-medium enterprise equipment room, the configuration normally involves a small number of racks; by purchasing this product, the user can easily accomplish the basic requirements in the equipment room, which include devices for the control terminal, KVM, KVM extension, and the IP remote solution. It is also likely the case that all the requirements are satisfied in a one-stop procurement. Furthermore, the KL0116 KVM switch system in combination can also provide serial extension functions, providing even more flexible scalabilities in configuring enterprise equipment rooms.

2. Zoning management of medium-to-large equipment rooms

Medium-to-large equipment rooms normally comprise multiple racks and mainframes with an extensive occupation of the premises; ATEN's LCD KVM and remote control solutions are capable of providing the zoning management functions of the medium-to-large equipment rooms; each zone can be configured with a set of this product, with the integral basic configuration of the zone assisting the enterprise in systematical planning of expansion. Since each zone is provided with the CN6000 IP remote management solution, the user is allowed for remote connection of servers of each zone via TCP/IP, which in turn, virtually links together all the servers in the separate zones.