Feature Article: KN9116+SN0108+PN9108: Total IP-based Solution

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Network applications have been one of the mainstreams for developing integrated solutions in recent years among all IT products. Following the popularization of network when products are tending to integrate to network systems of different specifications, ATEN is committed to developing total IP-based solutions, hoping to bring users more visionary and efficient options for enterprise and server room management with the convenience and high inheritability of network.

The IP-based application solutions from ATEN currently include: the IP-based KVM which integrates KVM functions and network applications for expanding the scope of management to remote servers; the Serial over the NET which allows users to perform remote management of a wide range of serial devices in enterprises and server rooms; and the Power over the NET designed for effective power management of devices and services from remote. The integrated use of these 3 solutions represents an ideal total solution for remote management of the power supply, serial devices and servers.

Product Features

IP-Based KVM--KN9116

As mentioned above, the KN9116 is an IP-based KVM with 16 ports for effective integration of KVM to networks of different architectures and specifications. Furthermore, the KN9116 allows remote management of any servers connected to it over the Internet. That is to say, users will not need to log in a local system in order to manage any server connected to the KN9116.

• Provides remote and local consoles and supports synchronous multiple logins for up to 32 users

The KN9116 is a KVM with 16 ports allowing users to connect 16 servers. In addition to remote connections via the LAN/Internet, the KN9116 has a local console using standard PS/2 interface, thus allowing up to 32 local and remote users to log in the system for server and BIOS-class interface management at the same time.

• Space-saving and adjustable panel design

The KN9116 adopts the 1U-design to save space. Its adjustable panel design is the tradition of all ALTUSEN products. This makes rack-mounting and wiring more efficient. Moreover, the LED indicators on the panel display the working status of the KVM and the buttons on it allows users to switch to and from any server connected to it.

• Easy installation and user-friendly operation

Users will only need to follow the instructions to complete installing the KN9116 at great ease. The KN9116 is equipped with friendly OSD graphic user interfaces allowing remote users to log in the device from the browser. Users can choose either Windows Client or Java Client to perform server management with the OSD functions. Therefore, it is suitable for use on all kinds of platforms.

• Well-equipped management functions

The OSD function of the KN9116 is well-equipped. In addition to the switch-port management, it allows users to name the servers connected to each port on the KN9116, to monitor the status of servers online through the auto-scan mode, and to configure the scan mode according to their needs. The administrator function of the OSD allows users to perform authority management on all 64 users and their corresponding servers, including the full access, view only and null options.

Second, the KN9116 is equipped with the log server function, allowing administrators to install and configure the log server for recording the status of system operations and to serve the monitoring records on the log server via condition filtering.

• Panel array feature

The KN9116 supports management of up to 16 servers. Therefore, remote users can monitor 16 servers from the screen at the same time with the advanced Panel Array Feature of the KN9116. Remote users can switch to the Panel Array mode from the button on the toolbar of Windows Client or Java Client. It allows users to view the status of 1, 4, 9 or 16 servers on the same screen, and supports 5 different monitors (1 on the front panel and 4 on the rear panel).

• Tight security mechanism

In addition to the RSA (1024bit) advanced security encryption and SSL (128bit), the KN9116 has designed stricter network security management mechanism for administrators. For example, when a remote user logs in the KN9116, it must enter the default webpage and its IP before he is authenticated to log in the KN9116. Furthermore, the user-defined, IP filer and MAC filer functions are provided to reinforce network security management. The KN9116 also supports error login count management, automatic logout functions, and working mode configuration to ensure its safety in the network environment.

Serial over the NET Solution--SN0108/SN0116

In addition to managing huge server architectures in the server rooms of enterprises or professional organizations with the KN9116, the Serial over the NET--SN0108/SN01016 (for connecting 8/16 serial devices respectively) will be the ideal options for effective remote management of serial devices equipped in the server rooms, such as routers, switch hubs, firewalls, load balancers, PBXs, UPSes, serial servers etc. Like the KN9116, users can access to the serial devices or servers connected to the SN0108/SN01016 over the Internet or LAN using TCP/IP protocol.

• Provides management up to 8 serial devices/servers

The SN0108 is an 8-port management unit that provides remote access of up to 8 serial devices/servers. The devices connected to the SN0108 must support RS-232 terminal operations, and the remote system must be equipped with Sun’s JAVA 2 JRE 1.4 or later versions before users can access to the unit from remote.

• Space-saving and flexi-use

The SN0108 adopts the 1U-design to meet the rack-mounting requirement and is equipped with RJ-45 interfaces for serial device connections. Users can connect serial devices to the SN0108 with Ethernet cable (Cat 5) or RJ-45 to DB9 (RS-232) adaptors (serial adaptors) for flexible applications.

• Easy installation

The SN0108 is easy to install. Users only need to follow the instructions on the user’s manual and connect serial devices to the ports on the SN0108 with a Cat 5 cable or an RJ-45 to DB9 (RS-232) adaptor to complete the installation. As the SN0108 is hot-pluggable, users will not need to turn off the system before connecting or disconnecting any device.

• Supports multiple login at the same time

The SN0108 supports 8 users logging in from different networks at the same time and controlling serial devices connected to a particular port independently.

• GUI design

The SN0108 provides a wide range of graphic user interfaces, including Telnet, SSH, VT-100 and browser-based GUIs to facilitate configuration and operation.

• Supports multiple protocols with automatic detection and adjustment

The SN0108 supports TCP/IP, UDP/IP, Telnet, SSH, SSL and PPP protocols, with automatic detection and adjustment functions of incoming protocols.

• Multiple access modes

The SN0108 provides both the network access and dial-in modem access modes. The network access mode allows users to access to the SN0108 via the browser-based GUI, Telnet Client, and Terminal emulation. The dial-in modem access mode supports access with serial applications (e.g. HyperTerminal) or IP applications (e.g. Telnet).

• Out-of-Band function

The out-of-band is one of the major functions of the SN0108. It allows users to perform remote access from other links via the serial port when they are unable to link to the SN0108 via the browser-based GUI or other LAN ports. The out-of-band function supports a wide range of connection methods, such as Direct Terminal Connection (HyperTerminal), Indirect Terminal Connection (HyperTerminal), Direct Dial in Connection (PPP), Indirect Dial in Connection (PPP), Telnet Access, SSH Access etc.

• Well-laid management mechanism

In terms of management, the SN0108 allows administrators not only to establish connection port addresses by means of SSH, but also to perform hardware and software traffic management. Moreover, administrators can create 15 users and configure the serial device management authority of each user. In terms of warning, the SN0108 allows administrators to define the error event type and the notification email address, and sends alert notices automatically to these emails when an error event occurred.

The History List of the SN0108 allows administrators to search or view a certain event on the SN0108 and to perform management or forced logout of active users to ensure system operation safety. Moreover the SN0108 is equipped with the firmware update function to allow users maintain the optimal condition of the SN0108 by updating the firmware from downloads.

• SUN ready

The SN0108 supports SUN server systems and is equipped with the hardware break suppression function to ensure uninterrupted operations of Solaris servers. The SN0108 also supports SUN Fire V100 Server by means of a RJ45-to-DB9 (RS-232) serial adaptor, i.e. users can connect the SN0108 to the LAN port on V100 Server with RJ45-to-DB9 serial adaptor.

Power over the NET Solution--PN9108

In addition to the management of and access to devices in server rooms, to turn on and off system devices from remote is also an important need of administrators. The PN9108 is a high-performance remote power management solution allowing users to turn on, turn off, and reboot devices connecting to it from a remote location over the Internet or LAN using the TCP/IP protocol.

• High-performance and user-friendly design

Also to fulfill the rack-mounting need, the PN9108 adopts the 1U design and is equipped with the adjustable panel to ensure convenient use. Moreover, the LED indicators on the panel display the working status of devices connected and the buttons on it allows users to switch to and from any device connected to it。

The PN9108 is an 8-port power management device and supports control over 8 servers and the safe shutdown and rebooting functions of Windows systems. With the daisy chain connection, users can connect fifteen PN9108s to expand control over 128 servers.

• PnP, easy-to-install and convenient-to-use

The PN9108 is very convenient-to-use. Users will only need to follow the instructions in the manual to complete the setup of PN9108 without any additional software. Its PnP function needs no power switch and allows users to directly add or remove it from the devices to which it is connecting. In operation, the PN9108 provides 3 management methods: the browser-based, Telnet and the console terminal methods. Administrators operate and configure the management via the GUI on the browser and well-laid management mechanism.

Administrators can configure the features of every connection port, including the power-on sequence and delay timeout settings. Moreover, the power on/off scheduling function of the PN9108 allows users to configure the system power on/off time on daily, weekly and monthly bases. Its group management function allows users to define the grouping of connection ports in order to execute group configuration and management.

In addition to operating and managing the unit from the user interfaces, some operating functions are built in the front panel of the PN9108 to allow users run these functions directly from the panel. These include manual control of remote/local connection from the corresponding port buttons, and display of electricity current status on the Station ID LED of each port from the current display button.

Like all other ALTUSEN IP-based solutions, the PN9108 is also equipped with the firmware update function allowing administrators to maintain the PN9108 at its optimal status by updating the firmware with downloads.

• Safety protection mechanisms

The PN9108 provides the 128-bit SSL encryption mechanism to ensure the safety of accessing to the PN9108 over the Internet/LAN. The dual password (administrator and user) protection design can reinforce the safety mechanism of the PN9108.

The PN9108 provides over-current protection and recovery (110VAC) functions for all AC sockets and the overload protection for the total current of all connection ports. It also supports online current monitoring from the browser GUI. More importantly, the PN9108 provides independent power supply to every device connected to it. Therefore, when the when the power supply of a particular device is disconnected after the current is overloaded, the power supply to other devices connected to it remains uninterrupted.

• Out-of-Band function

To make applications more flexible and to reinforce the system applicability, the PN9108 is also equipped with an RS-232 port to support out-of-band connection. It allows users to access to the PN9108 with other methods, such as Direct Terminal Connection (HyperTerminal), Indirect Terminal Connection (HyperTerminal), Direct Dial in Connection (PPP), Indirect Dial in Connection (PPP), Telnet Access, Dial Out Connection etc.


Installation instructions

  1. Connect the console module ATEN CS-1200L to the local console port on the KN9116 in order to control servers connecting to the KN9116 via the keyboard, control panel and LCD of the CS-1200L.
  2. Connect the servers you want to manage via the KN9116 with specific cables and connect the KN9116 to the Internet/LAN from the RJ-45 port on the KN9116 with Cat 5 cables in order to access to the severs connecting to the KN9116 over the Internet/LAN.
  3. Connect serial servers or other serial devices to the eight RJ-45 ports on the SN0108 with Cat 5 cables or serial adaptors (DB9-to-RJ45), and connect the SN0108 to the Internet/LAN from the LAN port on the SN0108.
  4. Users can connect the KN9116 to the serial module ALTUSEN KA9140 in order to link to the serial port on the RJ-45 interface on the SN0108.
  5. Connect the servers you want to manage to the PN9108 from the power sockets on the PN9108 with power cables. Then connect the servers and the PN9108 with the safe shutdown cable that comes with the PN9108 from the RJ-45 interface on the PN9108 and the serial interface on the servers in order to achieve power management and safe shutdown and rebooting functions of Windows systems. Lastly, connect the PN9108 to the Internet/LAN via the LAN port on the PN9108.
  6. Connect the PN9108 and the SN0108 with Cat 5 cables or serial adaptors from the serial ports on the SN0108 and the RS-232 ports on the PN9108 in order to configure the features on the PN9108 from the SN0108.

In addition to perform remote management of the servers, serial devices and their power supply by logging in the KN9116, SN0108 and PN9108 over the Internet, these devices that formed a total application solutions for allow users to perform local management from the CS-1200L console. Such an integrated application also provides another linking to the KN9116, SN0108 and PN9108 to allow users perform out-of-band configuration and management of the SN0108 via KN9116 or of the PN9108 via the SN0108.


Application environment: Server rooms of medium and large enterprises and professional organizations

• Complete management

The KN9116 and SN0108 support management up to BIOS-class management of all kinds of servers and serial devices via all kinds of telecommunication systems and network equipment. Together with the PN9108 Power over the NET solution, users can perform management of the power supply of all servers in the server room. Therefore, the KN9116, SN0108 and PN9108 form a perfect total solution for server room management.

• Infinite expansion and flexi-use

While multiple-server-management is one of the prime targets of medium and big server rooms, the IP-based feature of the KN9116, SN0108 and PN9108 can fulfill the expansion need of server rooms by expanding the number of the KN9116, SN0108 and PN9108 for the following reasons. First, they support the connection of up to 16 servers and 8 serial devices and provide power management on 8 servers. Moreover, the PN9108 can be expanded by means of daisy chain connection. Therefore, users will only need to consider the network environment while expanding the scale of the server room because this IP-based solution has provided infinite hardware expansion.

• Group management for flexible applications

As an IP-based solution, all three devices, the KN9116, SN0108 and PN9108, support access to the devices connecting to them over the Internet/LAN. Therefore, administrators can group together servers and serial devices in the server room by means of IP and assign the authority to valid users after establishing them to each group in order to perform independent group management.

• Sever room redundancy

Both the SN0108 and PN9108 are equipped with a wide range of well-laid out-of-band connections to allow users to perform remote configuration and management from other forms of connections via the out-of-bad function even when the network is disconnected. Therefore, they are also the ideal choice for server room redundancy.