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CC2000 Online Upgrade

To perform a CC2000 online upgrade, do the following:

  1. Follow steps 1 — 3 given for the CC1000 Online Upgrade.
  2. When the upgrade Login screen comes up, log in with the Username and Password provided in the authorization email.
  3. In the screen that comes up, key in the Order ID number and Order Authorization number that applies to the upgrade, then click Continue.
  4. In the License Upgrade Order Information screen, key in the current number of licenses in the From fields (the To fields are automatically filled in), and select Online upgrade.
  5. Note:
    1. When you input the number of current licenses in the From field, the utility compares it to the information contained in the key to make sure you have inserted the correct key
    2. If necessary, you can use the Key Status Utility (CCAuthKeyStatus.exe) to see the number of current licenses.

    If only server licenses are being upgraded, the Upgrade Order Information Screen looks like the one below. If the node licenses are already set to be unlimited, put a check in the checkbox; otherwise fill in the appropriate node numbers in the From field:

  6. Click Continue.
  7. When the CC Authentication Key License Upgrade by Distributor screen comes up, click Download.
  8. When the browser asks what to do with the file (KeyUpgrade.exe), select Save to disk.
  9. Leave the browser open, exactly as it is; go to where you downloaded the file and execute it.
  10. Note: This step must be done in the same web session that you downloaded the KeyUpgrade.exe file in. Otherwise the upgrade will not succeed.

    The upgrade utility comes up and starts the upgrade. The actions it performs are reported in the main panel:

  11. When the upgrade is finished, a window pops up to inform you that the upgrade was successful. Click OK to close the popup.The browser screen provides a summary of the upgrade:
  12. Click Logout to exit.
  13. You can use the Key status utility (CCAuthKeyStatus.exe) to confirm that the number of licenses on the key has been changed to reflect the successful upgrade:


Upgrade Succeeded

After the upgrade has succeeded, the dealer/distributor receives an email from ALTUSEN informing him that the upgrade has been completed online. For example:

Your order (Order ID: 1017000700) has been completed successfully by the online utility.
The key (PSN: 10504460) server number has been upgraded from 1 to 8, and node number from 64 to 20564.



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