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Offline Upgrade

An Offline upgrade can be performed either by the dealer/distributor, or the end user client. The advantage of this type of upgrade is that the client doesn’t give up the use of his key. All he needs to do is email a key information data file to the dealer/distributor.

The procedures for performing an offline upgrade are basically the same for the CC1000 and CC2000.


Preliminary Steps

To perform the upgrade, the first step that the client must perform is to create a Key Information Data File, as follows:

  1. With the authentication key plugged in, run the Key Status Utility (CCAuthKeyStatus.exe).
  2. In the License Upgrade panel of the dialog box that comes up, click Save to create a Key Information Data File (KeyUpload.dat).

    1. The Key Information Data File is created in the same directory that the Key Status Utility resides in
    2. The screenshot shows the Key Status Utility for a CC2000 authentication key. The CC1000 Key Status Utility dialog box is the same, except the License Information panel shows the number of licensed Users instead of the number of Servers and Nodes.

After the Key Information Data File is created, the client sends it to the dealer/distributor.


Performing the Upgrade

After the dealers/distributors place the upgrade orders with an ALTUSEN sales representative, they receive a confirmation and authorization email from ALTUSEN, for example:

Your order is ready to be processed. Please go to https://xxx.xxx.x.xxx to upgrade your key's license.

Login Information:
  • Username: myname3
  • Password: mypassword3
Order Information:
  • Order ID: 1017000750 (authorized number: 1605991978). This order requests 1 more server(s) and 448 more node(s)
  1. Follow steps 1 — 3 given for the CC1000 Online Upgrade.
  2. When the upgrade Login screen comes up, log in with the Username and Password provided in the authorization email.
  3. In the screen that comes up, key in the Order ID number and Order Authorization number that applies to the upgrade, then click Continue.
  4. When the License Upgrade Order Information screen comes up, key in the number of current licenses in the From fields. The To fields are automatically filled in.
  5. Note:
    1. When you input the number of current licenses in the From field, the utility compares it to the information contained in the key to make sure you have inserted the correct key.
    2. If necessary, you can use the Key Status Utility (CCAuthKeyStatus.exe) to see the number of current licenses.
  6. Select that this is to be an Offline upgrade, then click Continue.
  7. When the Upload Key Information screen comes up, click Browse; load the KeyUpload.dat file that was generated in the Preliminary Steps section; then click Continue.

  9. The next screen that comes up summarizes the transaction up to this point.

    Click Continue to move on.


  11. In the screen that appears next, click Download to download the key license upgrade data file (KeyUpgrade.dat).

  13. When the browser asks what to do with the key upgrade file, select Save to disk. After the file is saved to disk, click Continue to go on.
  14. In the confirmation popup that appears click Yes. A summary page confirming the order appears.
  15. Click Logout to exit.
  16. Note:
    1. If you are upgrading more than one key, you can rename the KeyUpgrade.dat files to separately recognizable names (keeping the dat extension).
    2. If the client is performing the upgrade, the dealer/distributor provides the KeyUpgrade.dat file to the client.
  17. Run the Key Status Utility again.
  18. In the License Upgrade panel, click Upgrade.

  20. In the dialog box that comes up, navigate to the upgrade file (KeyUpgrade.dat) and select it.
  • Once you click Open, a window pops up stating that the upgrade was successful.
  • The figure for the number of licenses in the License Information panel changes to reflect the upgrade.


Offline Upgrade Failure

If the offline upgrade fails, it may be due to the key upgrade file (KeyUpgrade.dat), having become corrupted during the file transfer process. There are two ways to proceed:

  • When the key upgrade file is downloaded, an email is sent to the dealer/ distributor containing the particulars, along with a copy of the upgrade file in case there was a problem with the original file transfer – as shown in the example, below:
  • Offline upgrade email response:
    Your CC-Authentication key's upgrade data file is attached. Please upgrade your CC-Auth key with the attached file.

    Key Info:
           * F/W Version: 2.1.204
           * Serial number: 0917280288

    License Upgrade Info:
           * From 1 to 2 concurrent servers
           * From 64 to 512 concurrent nodes

    Confirmation Info:
           * Username: newname
           * Password: 1123091022112900

    If you have any problem with upgrading your CCAuthentication key's license, please confirm it online at https://xxx.xxx.x.xxx using the username and password above.

    You can repeat steps 11 (Run the Key Status Utility) and steps 12 (Click Upgrade) — this time using the copy of the key upgrade file (KeyUpgrade.dat) that was attached in the dealer/distributor email.

  • If the above fails to resolve the problem, information contained in the Offline email upgrade response can be used to try an online upgrade. Either the dealer/distributor can provide the end user with the authorization details, or the end user can give his key to the dealer/distributor.


Order Expiration

Once ALTUSEN sends the dealer/distributor the confirmation/authorization email informing him that the order is ready to be processed, he has a total of two weeks to process the order. If during that time the order is not processed, two more emails reminding him that order has not been processed are sent:

1. Your order will expire in one week...

2. Your order will expire in one day...

If, the order still has not been processed by the end of the deadline, a final email is sent, informing the dealer/distributor that the order has expired, as follows:

Your order has expired and has been cancelled. You will not be invoiced for the cancelled order. If you still wish to add licenses, you must place a new order.



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