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We can provide you with all the necessary hands-on introduction to the hardware and software to ATEN products and relevant training, offering the confidence required to help you to immediately start specifying and installing products.


List of training offered

Product Training: ATEN Control System - (3-hour course)

This product training course will provide an understanding of ATEN's control system; hardware and software and, hands-on practice to customise and build your own very project.


Course includes:


Why a control system?

In a room where collaboration happens such as a meeting room or conference room, it is evident that there are various types of individual hardware devices located in the room. In order to manage and control the various available devices, it is more efficient to adopt a centralised management software as part of your solution. ATEN control system does just that, ATEN VK is designed to accommodate many types of solution that will fit into your meeting rooms or control room facilities.


 ATEN control system solution

ATEN UK will provide examples where the ATEN control system can be installed to get the most of its capability, and to pre-set the ATEN control system in 3 easy steps (Connect, Configure, Control).


ATEN control system and extension boxes interfaces

You will learn how to manage and control the ATEN control system, and provide you with: an overview of the control system connections (TCP, Telnet, ONVIF, etc …) that are available, and the interfaces (RS232, Relay, DI/DO). 


→ ATEN control system software

We all know that software always a part of the settings, in this section, you will learn the types of software that supports the ATEN control system viewer.


→ ATEN control system hands-on training

You will learn how to create a 'viewer' from scratch to operate a video matrix, PDU and to integrate visual into your project. During this session, we will show the full capability of ATEN control system.


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The fee for this course is free. No payment is required at time of booking.
Course Cancellations: N/A. We kindly request if you make a cancellation please email sales@aten.co.uk to notify us at least 48 hours before the start of the selected course.