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Adaptador KVM VGA USB con compatibilidad de vídeo compuesto


The KA7170 USB KVM Adapter Cable connects the KVM switch to the video and USB ports of the target computer. With its small form factor and light weight design, it represents the next generation of USB KVM Adapter Cables - offering superior signal compensation and delay skew techniques for greatly enhanced video quality.


Contenido del paquete

  • 1x KVM Adapter Cable
  • 1x Rack Mount Kit
  • 1x Rack Mounting Guide
  • Auto Signal Compensation (ASC), no DIP switch setting needed for the different distances
  • Keyboard and mouse emulation - keeps your server functioning smoothly when it is disconnected from the switch's KVM port or relocated to different KVM port
  • Lifetime firmware upgrades
  • Superior video quality - supports resolution of up to 1600 x 1200 within the distance of up to 50m
  • Built in ASIC for greater reliability and compatibility
  • CPU module designed with automatic conversion to allow for flexible interface combinations (PS/2, USB) to control all computer types (PC, Mac, Sun)
  • HotPlug, permite conectar o remover el adaptador sin necesidad de reiniciar ningún sistema
  • Compact size
Enlace1 x RJ-45 hembra
PC1 x USB Tipo A macho
1 x HDB-15 macho
En línea1 (Verde)
Enlace1 (Naranja)
Propiedades físicas
Peso0.14 kg ( 0.31 lb )
Dimensiones (LA x AN x AL)9.00 x 4.30 x 2.18 cm
(3.54 x 1.69 x 0.86 in.)
NotaTenga en cuenta que, en algunos productos de montaje en bastidor, las dimensiones físicas estándar de anchura x profundidad x altura se expresan en el formato longitud x anchura x altura.