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Video Extenders

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HDMI HDBaseT-Lite Receiver (4K@40m) (HDBaseT Class B)
HDMI HDBaseT-Lite Transmitter (4K@40m) (HDBaseT Class B)
HDMI HDBaseT Receiver (4K@100m) (HDBaseT Class A)
HDMI HDBaseT Transmitter (4K@100m) (HDBaseT Class A)
HDMI Cat 5 Repeater (1080p@40m)
HDMI Cat 5 Receiver (1080p@40m)
VGA/Audio/RS-232 Cat 5 Repeater with Dual Output (1600 x 1200@150m)
VGA/Audio/RS-232 Cat 5 Receiver with Dual Output (1280 x 1024@200m)