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Release Note

Welcome to CS1708i/CS1716i KVM On the NET™
Notice: Before downloading the firmware, be sure to read the following information carefully.
This latest version contains corrections to the last version and additions to the next version. You will find them listed below.
Local (Main) F/W:
Version History
V1.8.1731. Supports TLS 1.2
2. Supports RSA 2048-bit certificate.
V1.8.172Improved the keyboard/mouse with IOGEAR 
V1.8.171Improved IPv6 search function 
V1.7.1631. Add Manufacturing tracking serial number
2. Improve mouse compatibility
3. Improved compatibility with Mac OS10.10
4. Improved response to remote keyboard
V1.7.1611.Improve Java security.
2.Improve Japanese keyboard compatibility
3.Fix IPv6 and device status information shown on CC2000
4.Improve SSL / TLS security
V1.6.1511. Fix Java viewer security warning issue.
2. Improve compatibility with IE-11.
3. Change Java viewer from Applet to JNLP.
4. Improve array mode 'Autosync' performance.
5. Improve keyboard performance & compatibility in certain network environment.
6. Support CC2000 IPV6 & Redundant functions.
7. Improve LDAP performance & compatibility.
Once you update this new firmware, you must also upgrade WinClient AP and JavaClient AP to v1.4.131 or higher.
V1.3.1241. Add Port name backup/restore function.
2. Improve certificate public key to RSA1024Bits.
Once you update this new firmware, you must also upgrade WinClient AP and JavaClient AP v1.3.122 or higher.
V1.3.121Improved IPv6 supportWarning:
Once you update this firmware v1.3.121, you must also upgrade WinClient AP and JavaClient AP v1.3.122 or higher.
V1.2.112Added support for IPv6 
V1.1.101To support CC2000 data structureWarning:
Once you update this firmware, you can not degrade older firmware, and your ANMS setting will be recovered to default.

Corresponding icard F/W version:
V1.0.092Initial Release