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Four Reasons to Invest in a DisplayPort KVM Switch

Professional workstations have included DisplayPort ports for quite some time, the interface’s prominence growing in tandem with the ever-increasing demand for multiple-monitor setups - according to a Jon Peddie Research study, multi-display systems can result in a 42 percent increase in productivity...

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Top 4 IT maintenance problems

Today's server rooms and datacenters rely on top of the line over IP and LCD console KVMs to run effectively. But what can IT maintenance engineers do if a malfunctioning server is not connected to KVM? A lack of connectivity can lead to a series of frustrations...

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What is Panel Array Mode?

KVM switches have been typically utilized in environments such as data centers to monitor and control multiple computers or servers from a single keyboard, monitor, and mouse. Traditional KVMs allowed operators to view one port at a time on their screen, with the option of using a menu tree to keep track of all the ports connected to that KVM...

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What is Virtual Media?

It's a common enough scenario: an IT administrator for a financial services firm in Singapore urgently needs to upload a software upgrade to a server located in the company’s Seattle headquarters. In this kind of situation, the admin would generally need to contact a colleague in Seattle, send them the file over the internet...

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