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ATEN eService APP Launched for Mobile 24-Hour Customer Service Requests and Product Information - Available Now!

ATEN eService APP Launched for Mobile 24-Hour Customer Service Requests and Product Information - Available Now!

Intuitive user-friendly interface putsATENproduct information in yourhand, everywhere.

Taipei, Taiwan (April22, 2014)– ATEN International (TAIEX: 6277), the leading provider of IT connectivity and management solutions, formally launched its mobile customer service"ATEN eService APP" for Android and iOS devices. The App extends the popularweb services provided by ATEN’s eService site to mobile devices andoffers24-hour always-on customer service,wherever yougo.

The ATEN eService APP boasts an intuitiveandeasy-to-master user interface. The mobile contentand featuresinclude:ATEN Product Selector,Product FAQs, HotKey Search, Product Compatible Search,and Service Requeststhat provide immediatesolutions for sales, technical support,and online customer service. Integration with existing eService accountsmakes the App even easier for customers to stay up to date on key product and service developments. The App can be downloaded by searching "ATEN" on Google Play or Apple App Store, or by clicking/scanning the QR code on ATEN’s eService homepage(http://eservice.aten.com/eService).

"Professionalism and timeliness are the top priorities of ATEN's customer service, so the development of a comprehensive online system for lag-free communication with our global customers has been a long-term effort at ATEN,” explained Kevin Chen, President of ATEN International.“After launching the eService in 2012,integrating all customer service systems under a single account and platform, our development team studied customers' online requirementstosearch forthe information theywouldwantthrough a mobile device App. Furthermore, using the same eService account to login,means all customer information and requests canbe synchronizedto the mobile App. We will continue to enrich the App's functionality and service offerings in the future in order to provide customers with the most comprehensive mobile e-services."

The "ATEN eService APP" for Android and iOS devicesis now available for download and currently supports the following languages:English, Japanese, Koreanand Traditional/Simplified Chinese.

The ATEN eService APP includes:

  • <ATENProduct Selector>: An accurate buying guide for customers. The Appuses filters to provide the customer with a list of products that best suits the customers’needs. Clicking the listed products to visit the corresponding product information page on ATEN’swebsite allowscustomers to acquire the most comprehensive product information in the shortest amount of time. This function canalsobe used offline when the product information has been synchronized. New product lines and models are updated continuously.
  • <Product FAQs>: Customers can search by inputting multiple keywords orselecting amodelnumber. The Appwill list the top 10 FAQs by number of views,that match the keywords,and the customer can click on the FAQ directly to view the content. You can directly submit suggestions and opinions through the App to customer service. The two-way communication will further enhance the quality and content of ATEN’s eServiceApp.
  • <Hotkey Search>: Use the first two digits of the product model and keywords to receive the latest list of hotkeys and functions for that product.
  • <Product CompatibleSearch>: Use the first two digits of the product model and keywords to find the product’scompatible devices, brands,and models. The immediateresponseinlist formensures that you’realways an expert on ATEN products.
  • <Service Requests>: Once a customer logs in using their existing account on the eService platform, all of their eService and Apprequests will be synchronized, providing access to all search and service requestsfrom both. You can create requests directly fromthe mobile Appfor "Sales Inquiries" and "Technical Support". Acustomer can also viewtheprogress of requests when they are out on business using the mobile App.An ATEN representativewill be assigned quickly to provide the best solution for the customer's questions and requirements in eachcase.

For more information about the mobile App, please visit theSupport menu on the ATEN website: www.aten.com


Press Contact

ATEN International CO., Ltd.

Ivy Lee/ Duke Lee

TEL:+886-2-8692-6789 EXT.1867/1877


Email:ivy_lee@aten.com.tw   dukelee@aten.com.tw

About ATEN

For over 35 years ATEN International Co., Ltd. (TAIEX: 6277) has been the world’s leading manufacturer of connectivity and access management solutions. Offering integrated IT Infrastructure Access Management, Professional Audio/Video and Energy Intelligence Power & Cooling Distribution Systems. ATEN solutions streamline the management of electronics in home, office, commercial, industrial and enterprise environments with a portfolio of 320+ products distributed worldwide. ATEN has 400+ issued patents and an international R&D team that produces a steady stream of innovative solutions every year. ATEN’s consolidated sales for 2014 came to NT$4,898 million. Headquartered in Taiwan, ATEN International Co., Ltd. has subsidiaries in China, Japan, Korea, Belgium, the U.S., the U.K. and Russia; with R&D centers in Taiwan, China and Canada.For more information about ATEN, please visit https://www.aten.com.

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