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ATEN New HDMI Active Optical Cable - Compact and Affordable Fiber Optic Extension Solution

The VE872 and VE873 Support 4K High Resolution and Long Distance Transmissions Up to 30 Meters, Optimal for Labs, Hospitals and Surveillance Centers

ATEN International (TAIEX: 6277), the world-leading designer and manufacturer of advanced connectivity and management solutions, today released a new addition to its VanCryst professional A/V product line, the VE872 and VE873 HDMI Active Optical Cables.The opticalcables are the entry-model products in ATEN’s optical extension products series. They provide an economical solution to convert electrical data signals to optical signals over long distances, providing high-speed transmission of 4K2K video and high quality audio.

As fiber optic communications become the norm,the convergence of video, audio and data in environments such as labs, surveillance centers and hospital facilities creates new requirements for deployments over long distances without sacrificing performance, reliability and security. The VE872/VE873 are 15 and 30 meters in length respectively, allowing for transmission of input signals across long distances quickly and effectively in 4K2K (4096x2160) high resolution.
Lightweight and compact in design, the optical cables are easy to install in any optical fiber deployments. Integrating AOC+™ (Active optical Cable Plus), a technology unique to ATEN that includes direct coupling, automated manufacturing, guide pin design, and fiber dust cover to prevent bare fiber from being exposed. EMI and RFI free, the cables provide perfectly clear signal transmission.
Direct coupling provides a physical connection between signals, increasing transmission speeds between the input and the output source. Using a simple passive alignment scheme, optical signals are interconnected from two ends without a signal capacitor, eliminating any signal interference. This allows for high-speed bandwidth transmission; R, G, B, CEC, CLK, and EDID signals are all delivered through a single fiber optic cable.
“Our new HDMI Active Optical Cables are lightweight in design, flexible, and easy to install, providing a cost-effective solution to support high quality audio/video signals over long distances without any compression,”said Kevin Chen, President of ATEN International. “With the VE872 and VE873, ATEN has further expanded its fiber product line, offering an array of solutions from entry-level to high-end to meet the various application demands of fiber optic communications.”
In addition to the new economical and compact HDMI Active Optical Cables, ATEN also offers Fiber Optic HDMI Video Extenders (VE882 and VE892)which support distances of up to 600 meters,and the VE892 for distances of 20 kilometers for extreme long distance transmission of high quality HDMI content.

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About ATEN
For 35 years ATEN International Co., Ltd. (TWSE: 6277) has been the leading provider of IT connectivity and management solutions. Offering integrated IT Infrastructure Access Management, Professional Audio/Video and Energy Intelligence Power & Cooling Distribution Systems. ATEN solutions connect and manage electronics in home, office, commercial, industrial and enterprise environments with a portfolio of 320+ products distributed worldwide. ATEN has 400+ issued patents and an international R&D team that produces a stream of innovative solutions every year. ATEN’s consolidated sales for 2013 came to NT$4,572 million. Headquartered in Taiwan, ATEN International Co., Ltd. has subsidiaries in China, Japan, Korea, Belgium, the U.S., the U.K., and Russia; with R&D centers in Taiwan, China and Canada. For more information about ATEN, please visit https://www.aten.com.

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