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Banking 24/7

An Internet-only banking service in Northeast Asia, which provides online banking, loans, and online debit cards, was looking for an upgrade for its out-of-band (OOB) management solution for its server rooms. The bank was already using serial consoles but was looking for newer, improved models for replacement and future expansion. Due to the fact that customers were promised around-the-clock banking, the bank required that the solution not only provided 24/7 availability and access but also security and convenience for their support staff. It was crucial that administrators were appraised with real-time information that provided early detection of fraudulent activity or any problems with processing transactions.

OOBM provides the means to access the bank’s servers if the network is down, giving them BIOS-level and modem access to their critical infrastructure outside of the production network.

Supported by ATEN Serial Console Servers

Connection Diagram

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