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Faster Response

In order to continue providing the best possible care for its patients, a hospital in Europe decided to redesign its wards into a mix of group and individual patient rooms that could be conveniently monitored 24/7 from a single, central control room.

The healthcare monitoring system needed to integrate ECG equipment, medical records access, and surveillance equipment, plus microscope, PC, and TV output. This required the installation of a 3x3 video wall to flexibly display a wide variety of inputs. In addition, the medical team members had different levels of familiarity with Pro AV technology, so the solution needed to be intuitive and simple enough for everyone to use.


4K Video Distribution

Long-distance 4K HDMI distribution solution for a 3x3 video wall

Centralized Management

Various medical, surveillance, and other input sources need to be centrally controlled and easily managed

Control Flexibility

Need flexible control methods for mobility and convenience

Increase Quality of Healthcare

A highly integrable healthcare monitoring solution setup for fast responses

Busy doctors are able to multitask effectively, writing reports while monitoring patient conditions, and can control the system using their own familiar mobile devices, which lowers the learning curve while simultaneously improving patient care.

Supported by ATEN Matrix Switch and Control System solutions


Control Room Video Wall

Flexibly displays ECG and surveillance output as well as PC, TV, and microscope/camera AV content

Efficiency and Convenience

Allows doctors to efficiently monitor patient health remotely with instant access to readouts and medical records

Easy Centralized Control

A wide range of inputs and other controls can be conveniently accessed via a handheld device

Smooth Integration

Integrates smoothly with existing video conference system to improve communication for speedier care

Connection Diagram

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