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Streamlining Process Automation

An oil refinery with the capacity to process about 230,000 barrels of crude oil per day needed a solution that allowed operators to control SCADA servers both locally and remotely in order to manage large amounts of information from their process automation systems.

The facility has server rooms at four separate sites that, in addition to running various automated processes, also monitor downstream sensor information via long-range wireless. The server rooms required local control functionality, but for security reasons, no PCs or laptops were allowed in the remote site control room, while the solution also had to support FHD, be rack-mountable, and support barcode scanners.


Process Monitoring

To enable local and remote monitoring and control of process infrastructure and equipment statuses

Secure Solution

For security reasons, no PCs or laptops are allowed in the remote site control room

High-Definition Visuals

Solution needed to support FHD for accurate information visualization

Convenient Installation

Required a full-featured yet small-size, space-saving solution with low power consumption

The solution allows operators to monitor and control refinery process flows, infrastructure/equipment statuses, and dynamic changes in real-time for better situational awareness and decision making.

Supported by ATEN KVM over IP solutions


Dual-view Display

Dual-view console stations allow for real-time monitoring of process flow with simultaneous operation

Panel Array ModeTM

Allows information integration for optimized visualization of video output from all installed SCADA servers on one screen simultaneously

Hardware-based Security

Standalone 0U hardware client device component eliminates security concerns of PCs/NBs

Visual Clarity

Supports HDMI at FHD resolution of 1920 x 1200 @ 60Hz for accurate monitoring

Connection Diagram

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