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  • BYOD Wireless Sharing Without Limitations Wirelessly share BYOD presentation content with ATEN software on PC, mobile apps, and web pages; compatible with Airplay*, and Google Cast™* for unlimited sharing and collaboration.
  • Get Control On Your Side with USB Touch Back USB Touch Back can control remote laptops with a mouse or whiteboard, allowing the speaker to take the lead in meetings and be more efficient without having to move about just to access devices.
* Note: The information contained is the property of ATEN International Co. LTD or their respective owners. All rights reserved. AirPlay® is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries and regions. Google Cast is a trademark of Google LLC. Any other brand names or marks are used for compatibility description only and are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.


4K Wireless Presentation Switch


4K Wireless Presentation Switch with Quad View

  • Presentation Matrix Switch with Smart Control and AV Integration Multiple control options such as front-panel pushbuttons, IR, RS-232 and a web-based GUI to enable control over AV devices, with flexible source management via function keys and automatic source detection. Plus, it features audio DSP, amplifier, and HDBaseT™ to deliver near-perfect visual symmetry and sound quality.
  • Seamless Switch™ and 4K Scaler Employs an FGPA matrix architecture for continuous video streams, real-time control, and stable signal transmissions, while the 4K scaler converts various input resolutions to various output resolutions, ensuring the best picture quality across two displays.


5 x 2 True 4K Seamless Presentation Matrix Switch with Control

  • Seamless Switch™ for Ultra Smooth Transitions Enables real-time control and zero-delay switching between multiple sources for uninterrupted experiences while transitioning from one presentation source to another.
  • Bi-directional Streaming for Remote Sharing Flexibly share presentation content wirelessly via the VP Web GUI and Mobile App with any mobile device from anywhere on the intranet.


Seamless Presentation Switch with Quad View Multistreaming


7 x 3 Seamless Presentation Matrix Switch with Scaler, Streaming, Audio Mixer, and HDBaseT

  • Compact Solution in One Enclosure with up to True 4K, HDR video quality The Core Series features models with up to 4K and True 4K resolutions that support popular HDR formats, delivering more vivid and vibrant video and integrating additional AV processing capabilities, such as HDBaseT connectivity, audio mixing, and microphone support, to minimize your setup efforts and total cost of ownership.
  • Multi-format AV Interface Support Provides diverse legacy and modern AV interfaces including HDMI, DisplayPort, VGA, HDBaseT, Component/Composite video with support for Stereo, Coaxial, Toslink, and Optical audio outputs, giving you the connections you need.


4 x 2 True 4K Presentation Matrix Switch with Scaling, DSP, and HDBaseT-Lite


4 x 2 True 4K Presentation Matrix Switch


9 x 2 4K Presentation Matrix Switch

  • Multiple Login Options Auto scan the local network for devices or use the QR code/room code to log in.
  • Bi-directional Wireless Streaming Streams in presentation content or Go Live to share content to participants from your mobile device.
  • Quad View with Auto Layout Shows up to 4 streamed-in sources and dynamically adjusts the screen layout per the number of sources.
  • Advanced Collaboration Features Including white board, chat room, file sharing, group broadcasting, and video capture.

ATEN Video Presentation Control App

Collaborate and Control Meeting Presentations with your mobile device

Presentation Switches for Corporate Applications

ATEN specializes in providing easy-to-deploy presentation switching solutions for flexible and hybrid workspaces to achieve optimized workflows and improve the core efficiency of business operations.

Presentation Switches for Education Applications

ATEN offers different types of presentation switches to provide multiple learning solutions to meet the needs of educational applications at all levels and to promote synchronous learning participation and collaboration.

Which Product Is Right For You?

Max. Resolution4K@60Hz(4:4:4)4K@60Hz(4:4:4)4K@60Hz(4:2:0)
Video Input1x VGA,
1x HDBaseT,
6 x HDMI,
1 x DP, 1x VGA,
1 x Component,
1 x Composite
Video Output2x HDMI1 x HDMI,
1 x HDBaset
  • Audio de-embedding/ embedding
  • Analog/ Digital AV Matrix
  • HDBaseT-Lite:4K@40m
  • Audio DSP
  • Mic input with Phantom power
  • Multiple Interfaces
  • Source Preview/ PiP mode
  • USB peripherals switch to designated computer
Max. Resolution4K@30Hz(4:4:4)4K@30Hz(4:4:4)
Video Input2 wireless input4 wireless input
Video Output1x HDMI,
1x VGA
1x HDMI,
1x VGA
  • Wireless sharing
  • 2 users simultaneous sharing in one screen
  • Wireless sharing
  • 4 users simultaneous sharing on one screen
Max. Resolution1080p@60Hz1080p@60Hz
Video Input1x HDMI5 x HDMI,
1 x DP,
1 x VGA
Video Output2x HDMI2x HDMI,
1x HDBaseT
  • Seamless switching
  • Audio DSP
  • Streaming in/ Go-Live
  • 4 users simultaneous sharing on one screen
  • Seamless switching
  • Audio Mixer
  • Mult-view supported
  • Streaming in/ Go-Live
Max. Resolution4K@60Hz(4:4:4)
Video Input3 x HDMI,
2 x HDbaseT
Video Output1x HDMI,
1x HDBaseT
  • Seamless switching
  • AV device control
  • HDBaseT-Lite:4K@40m
  • Audio DSP

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