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Immersive Video Projector Exhibition

A traveling exhibit wanted to create three 360-degree immersive rooms with projected video on floor-to-ceiling walls, and audio that would allow guests to be surrounded by animation and sound to bring to life exhibits about renowned painters Monet and Klimt, and majestic dinosaurs. The setup would also require two separate control rooms to control the splitting and extending of the necessary pro AV feeds. In addition, the installation needed to be simple enough for exhibition managers to set up and control, as well as easily transportable to travel from city to city.
The project would need reliable after-installation support to ensure the exhibits continue to operate seamlessly and provide visitors the best possible immersive experience.

The [video player, extender, and projector] talk to each other easily using the HDBaseT protocol. That helps us a lot to make things easier and faster…to create this immersive experience of trying to bring people into the paintings.

Marco Morelli – Senior Production Manager, Exhibition Hub

Connection Diagram

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