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Company Structure & Responsibilities

ATEN Company Structure


President OfficeBusiness plan implementation and integration; overall business strategy planning for ATEN and its subsidiaries.
Global Legal & IPR CenterContract review and management, IP strategy and other legal matters.
Information Center
  • MIS system planning, deployment and management.
  • Information system program development and maintenance.
  • Database and information security maintenance and management.
  • Software and hardware equipment appraisal, deployment and troubleshooting.
  • Provision of training and guidance for IT personnel.
  • Document flow management, and data maintenance and management.
Global Human Resources Center
  • Formulation of human resources strategy; personnel system establishment and promotion.
  • Recruitment, appointments and dismissals, training, compensation, performance review, promotion and transfer, incentives and punishments, etc
  • Implementation and management of employee relationship operations (including labor-management consultative meetings, guidance, etc.)
  • Industry-wide human resources analysis and formulation of response strategies.
Internal Audit DepartmentInternal control systems and implementation of auditing operations for ATEN and its subsidiaries.
Environmental Safety Office
  • Formulation of occupational injury prevention plans and emergency response plans, and provision of guidance to relevant departments with regard to plan implementation.
  • Employee health examination planning and employee health management.
  • Other matters relating to health, safety and environmental management.
Overseas Business GroupSupervision of overseas subsidiaries.
Sales Division IMarket development for East Asian and Pan-Asian markets.
Sales Division IIMarket development for Russia and Eastern European markets.
Sales Division IIIMarket development for Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa markets.
OEM DivisionOEM business development.
R&D DivisionHardware and software product design and development, industrial design, coordination of global R&D resources, upgrading of the R&D environment and R&D capability planning.
Manufacturing DivisionProduction and production process planning, continuing improvement, and strengthening of production technology capabilities.
Quality Assurance DivisionHandling of quality assurance, quality system, import/export and payments and receipts management, etc.
Procurement Division
  • Purchasing of raw materials and components.
  • Identification of potential new suppliers, and supplier appraisal.
  • Purchasing monitoring and documentation management.
  • Production facility goods inward and billing operations.
Global Marketing Division
  • Corporate image building, product marketing and brand development.
  • Brand and product strategy planning, market trends analysis and distribution channel strategy planning.
Global Customer Service DivisionCustomer service, RMA maintainance, e-support platform, technique support, technique trainning and verification and solution consultation and execution.
General Management Division
  • General affairs, fixed asset purchasing, etc.
  • Cash flow management and financing planning, bank transactions, receipts and expenses, and short–and long-term investment management and consultation.
  • Compilation of managerial reports, compilation and analysis of financial statements, budget planning and analysis, tax and transfer pricing planning and implementation, and provision of advisory and planning support for accounting issues of subsidiaries.
  • Information Disclosure, investor relations management, matters relating to board meetings and shareholders´ meetings, and capital market operations.
  • Overall planing and implementing general affairs of subsidiaries.