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Tech up your meeting space with the ultimate in video presentation switches

For those returning back to flexible working spaces, ATEN has a range of video presenters that will tech up your board rooms and meeting spaces, and enhance your team work in the process. Now more than ever, the way we conduct meetings has changed immensely. As the hybrid workplace emerges, with some team members at home, others in the office, and others with flexible work-home hours in between, the use of technology to supplement staff collaboration and communication is imperative to keep businesses on track.

To meet the demands of this changing landscape, ATEN has introduced a presentation switch series that is tailor-made for smooth, efficient meetings that can overcome these new workplace challenges. This includes handling multiple device formats and sources (especially when staff are now working on individual BYOD devices such as laptops and smartphones) as well as integrating remote participants in boardroom settings.

Tasked with the role of implementing the best technology for the most productive meetings in commercial and educational spaces, IT managers will turn to devices that improve flexibility, ease-of-use, and control. The idea is to create spaces where staff can share information in real-time, can show multiple screens in real-time, and can have discussions and pass on data and files quickly and efficiently.  Aten’s VP1000 Core Series and VP2000 Collaborative series can provide just that.

Huddle Space and Small Meeting Rooms.

Four different users, four different devices, all streaming simultaneously on one screen. This is just one of many examples of the solutions that IT managers can implement to ramp up team collabs. Whether staff are working in huddle spaces, meeting rooms, different rooms, or separate floors entirely, Aten’s solutions allow secure and easy-access on demand, content sharing from a variety of mobile devices, and a setup that allows multiple users to connect wirelessly, and stream their screen during a meeting. All the possibilities, allow IT managers to make it easier for employees to share information and ideas with others in the team.


Medium Sized Meetings, Conference Rooms, Lecture Halls and More.

For those who require a little more gumption, possibly even a collaborative presentation to a whole team or department or class of students, the setup needs to be a bit more robust. This series of collaborative presentation switches from Aten, allows the flexibility for multiple audio sources such as mics and speakers, the mixing of mic inputs for multiple speakers, zero-latency switching between video sources, easy content sharing and collaboration between on-site and remote participants, and directing control to moderators where required. 




This works in tandem with the ATEN Video Presentation Control App, whereby teams can now enjoy control and collaboration capabilities straight from their mobile device. With multiple login options and wireless streaming, participants can present and view content from remote locations to keep the meeting flowing. Other features include Whiteboard for advanced annotations, Chat Room for efficient communications, Source Preview for efficient display control, and Intuitive Control to set layouts and audio.


Whether employees are rushing back to work, or entering a hybrid and flexible work environment, team cooperation will be vital to get business booming. No matter how intimate or large the setting, implementing the right technology to make flexible work scenarios easier for staff, allows them to focus on the work at hand, without needing to worry about being hindered or slowed down by technology. Team huddles can be more productive and presentations more seamless with Aten’s VP1000 and VP2000 solutions. 

About Aten

ATEN, established in 1979, is specialized in connectivity and management solutions in accessing and sharing technologies. ATEN consolidates all of its products and services under one brand – ATEN, in order to provide an efficient and consistent service standard. The ATEN brand consists of innovative solutions applied to connectivity, professional audio/video, and green energy, for consumers, small/home offices (SOHO), small to medium sized businesses (SMB), and enterprise customers. ATEN specializes in connectivity and management solutions. We distribute our products through a global sales network to meet a broad range of customer needs. ATEN delivers and we care about our customers. We are committed to the best customer support in the industry.

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