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Medical School through a Screen: Switch and Simplify Your AV Solutions

How Australian Medical Training Centres could provide top-notch medical training through online classrooms

 Sydney, Australia - July 2020: The idea of online medical training may sit as a little unruly to some, but that can very well become a reality here in Australia with Aten’s AV over IP solution - after all, it worked for a medical training school in Turkey.

Many educational institutions are looking for effective ways to keep their students learning - even with limitations on the number of teachers versus the growing number of students. In fact, with social distancing measures now in place, running one lesson across multiple classrooms could very much become a reality here at home; even for the medical sector.  This is a problem that is keeping AV technicians very busy, as they look to implement solutions that are simple, that don’t require complicated IP setups or a large amount of hardware pieces and software programs to run.

A case study in Turkey, showed a medical school, TusData, utilising digital signage and online AV over IP methods offered by Aten, to create a multistory network of classrooms, as a means to teach physician candidates that were preparing for placement examinations. To do this, they used a VE8900 HDMI over IP Extender that delivered stable, lossless and low-latency 1080p video in a matrix configuration across multiple locations, that could run at long distances over Ethernet.

By using the VE8900 (or similar product VE8950), they were able to create a point-to-point setup that could accommodate hundreds of endpoints, essentially making the number of classrooms endless through a flexible, scalable, and multi-functional solution (and all without the need for additional computers or software packages to manage).  In short, they could daisy chain the classrooms, so one teacher could address hundreds, if not thousands, of students at any given time, all the while the system could be controlled remotely usings Wireless transmission, through both Web GUI or a mobile app.


The solution can be applied in almost any teaching context, bringing light to the idea that through technology, we can achieve the execution of mass education programs. Contrarily, in a time where students aren’t able to squeeze into one classroom or lecture hall, we can also use this system to allocate them segregated spaces to learn, while still adhering to social distancing restrictions. The possibilities are limitless.


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