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ATEN Secure KVM Solution

ATEN Secure KVM Switches are specifically designed to enforce stringent desktop security by keeping sensitive assets isolated while providing advanced user data protection and flexible administrative security management features. They are suitable for deployment in any industry that needs to handle sensitive, confidential, or proprietary information, or implement multi-level security on separate networks, such as government and defense agencies, healthcare providers, banking & finance institutions, and more.

Multi-layer Security

  • Always-on chassis intrusion detection – renders the ATEN PSS PP v3.0 Secure KVM Switch Series inoperable when physical tampering is detected

  • Tamper-evident labels – provides visual indication of any attempt to access the ATEN PSS PP v3.0 Secure KVM Switch’s internal components

  • Non-programmable firmware – prevents reprogramming the ATEN PSS PP v3.0 Secure KVM Switch’s firmware

  • Restricted peripheral connectivity – non-authorized HIDs (Human Interface Devices), video, or authentication device connections are rejected

  • Secure Port Switching – Port selection via pushbuttons only to enhance user data protection during operation

Data Channel Isolation and Unidirectional Data Flow

  • True data path isolation – data cannot be transferred between computers

  • The ATEN PSS PP v3.0 Secure KVM Switch controls and isolates data flow between the console devices and connected computers

  • Unidirectional data flow between the console devices and the selected computer is ensured

User Data Protection

  • The ATEN PSS PP v3.0 Secure KVM Switch’s keyboard/mouse data is automatically deleted after transmission and automatically purged when the KVM port focus is switched.

Security Management

  • Supports administrative configuration of CAC Port filtering to accept or reject specific USB authentication devices

  • Provides administrative functions for authorized administrator to audit KVM log data

Superior Video Quality

  • 4K Image Quality
    Supports image resolution up to 3840 x 2160 @30 Hz

  • Dual Display
    Video outputs can be displayed on two monitors seamlessly.

  • ATEN Video DynaSync™
    Exclusive ATEN technology eliminates boot-up display problems and optimizes resolutions when switching between ports.


ATEN Secure KVM Switches provide secure desktop access to computers at multiple classification levels.


Government & Defense

Extra cyber security for government and defense desktop applications



Switching between sensitive (private patient data) and non-sensitive (general insurance info, etc.) platforms


Finance & Banking

Switching between classified and non-classified computers (Network Separation)


Secure KVM Diagram


ATEN PSS PP v3.0 Secure KVM Series Models

PC / Console
Video Connection
No. of
DisplayPort / HDMISingleCS1182DPCS1184DPCS1188DP
HDMI / HDMISingleCS1182HCS1184HCS1188H
DVI / DVISingleCS1182DCS1184DCS1188D