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A Cable KVM Switch is a fully integrated KVM Switch with cables built directly into the unit to reduce cable clutter and simplify installation. Discover the benefits for tech-conscious and space-constrained workspaces.

As LED walls, 3D creation tools, projection mapping, and 4K KVM over IP are being integrated into virtual production studios, learn how ATEN solutions can assist with this convergence in an exciting era in film content creation.

Discover how the integration of IoT and KVM over IP technologies marks a transformative era for production lines with a spotlight on ATEN's innovative RCM solutions that reflect the latest industry data and trends.

Learn how support for point-to-point video conferencing using UVC cameras and audio peripherals adds value to powerful KVM matrix systems via isochronous USB transfer.

The world is going increasingly digital so optimizing data center uptime and resilience is critical. Learn how a PDU can help you to do that and more.

With Virtual Media, remotely managing servers is easier and more efficient than ever. In this article we'll look at what virtual media is and how it can help IT admins with smoother, more efficient workflows.

Need to access your ATEN KVM over IP Switch remotely? This article takes a look at how to monitor port status using WinClient and JavaClient APs and applets, WebClient, and PadClient from anywhere over the Internet.

The eSports world continues to grow leaps and bounds so stay ahead of the eSports broadcasting, and even production, curve with these three innovative solutions.

Podcasting is more popular than ever before but there are still barriers to entry. In this article we'll look at how the right audio mixer can easily help even beginners make professional podcasts with the power of AI and in one portable device.

In-person meetings are still relevant, and there’s no one-size-fits-all solution for meeting room collaboration. Find out how to pick the right solution based on your meeting room size and needs.

Hybrid working models, and hot desking, are here to stay so put the right tools in place to let employees get the most out of the future of work.

Remote work often relies purely on software solutions but doing so opens up individuals and organizations to security risks, however certain hardware solutions can close the security gap.

Fast, reliable communication with remote servers in maritime applications is now more important than ever. Learn how ATEN solutions can help to ensure your FPSO operations have secure remote access to servers with room for expandability.

Secure server rooms are becoming more common on maritime vessels, so there’s now greater need for control and management of onboard data. In this article we’ll take a look at how ATEN can help ETOs and captains achieve that.

As healthcare institutions transition to a digital future, cybersecurity becomes more important. A KVM switch can help to safeguard patient data in the physical space as well as optimize management of multiple computers or servers.

Healthcare continues to go digital and incorporate video conferencing, including huddle spaces that offer a variety of benefits to practitioners and patients.

Professional workstations have included DisplayPort ports for quite some time, the interface’s prominence growing in tandem with the ever-increasing demand for multiple-monitor setups - according to a Jon Peddie Research study, multi-display systems can result in a 42 percent increase in productivity...

In some modern server room and data centers it is known that the top of the line over IP and LCD console KVMs are used to operate effectively. However, what impacts do IT personnel or maintenance engineers face when dealing with a malfunctioning server that is not connected to KVM - a lack of connectivity can lead to a series of frustrations... 'Laptop USB KVM Console Crash Cart Adapter'

DisplayPort MST can be found on some of the latest desktop KVM switches, and while it is firmly established that multiple-monitor setups at desktop workstations can increase productivity and provide a better user experience, what exactly is DisplayPort MST, and does your desktop KVM switch really need it?

This device improves productivity, saves space, and money by allowing you to use multiple computers with one set of keyboard, monitor, and mouse. The exclusive feature offers IT administrators centralized real-time updating and maintenance.

Increasing numbers of installers and integrators are recognizing the benefits of HDBaseT technology in commercial AV Meets IT settings that require KVM extenders, especially in terms of distance and USB extension, so we take a look at what makes the technology the right choice for extending KVM signals