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An airport authority control center, Spain

The airport authority renewed their monitoring room and installed a new ADS-B system (Automatic dependent surveillance – broadcast). For this project they approached GECI, a global system integrator focused on transportation, energy and infrastructure in civil and military services.

To manage and monitor the multiple ADS-B systems GECI recommended ATEN’s 8 ports LCD KVM switches. Each LCD KVM switch now manages a main and redundant server, connected to the ADS-B system, while still providing additional KVM ports for potential future expansion of the total installation.

What were the requirements?

Local access

Visualising and managing multiple servers on-the-spot.

Server flexibility

The RJ-45 connectors and Cat 5e/6A cabling, in combination with ATEN’s KVM adapters, allow the use of a wide range of PC interfaces.

Mass management

Providing efficient access to a large quantity of servers (future expansion).



Partners for this project

"ATEN is our go-to brand for KVM switches,
as they have a wide and reliable product range."

- Franciso Javier López Fernández, Project and systems manager, GECI

What were the additional benefits?

Saving space

By choosing for a combined solution with a LCD console with built-in KVM switch that fit 1U rack-spaces. The dual rail design allows the LCD and keyboard to be pulled out seperately for optimal space efficiency.

Broadcast mode

Ability to broadcast a set of actions to all servers connected to a single KVM switch.

How does it work?

10x KL1508AM
Cat5e/6A dual rail LCD KVM switch
20x KA7570
KVM adapter

Products used for this project


8-Port Multi-Interface Cat 5 Dual Rail LCD KVM Switch