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Set up a matrix of workstations with flexible connection configurations to access, monitor, and control multiple computers across a high security independent network.
Allow a console to be located at long distances away from a computer installation; DisplayPort/HDMI/Dual View DVI/DVI models available in many HDBaseT specs, with USB2.0.
Extend signals via Cat 5e / 6 / 6a cables up to 300m and 2560 x 1600 @ 60Hz resolution. Includes VGA/DVI models with PS2 or USB KB/mouse interface with local console support.
Extend your USB console up to 20km away via a single fiber optic cable. Features dual-console operation, touchscreen support, and resolutions up to 1920 x 1200 @ 60Hz.


Special Topic

Connect Further, Control Easier

As a Contributor member of the HDBaseT Alliance, ATEN delivers added benefits of HDBaseT™ technologies to KVM extenders, enabling the next generation of connectivity.

Product Series Guide

KVM over IP Matrix System

ATEN's innovative solution that combines KVM over IP Extenders with the KE Matrix Management Software (CCKM) to extend, control and monitor access to computers across independent networks in multiple ways.


Designed for Mission Critial Control Rooms

ATEN offers a comprehensive hardware and sofware solution that redefines control for the control room of the future. Find ot more in this video!

Success stories

Levira - Network Operations Center, Estonia

Headquartered in Tallinn, Estonia, Levira is one of the largest TV playout service providers in northern Europe and the main TV and radio broadcast tr...

Three control rooms for city surveillance, Italy

The State Police in Turin required a new control room to monitor crowd behaviour and detect incidents during large public events. With the help of Err...

Security Control Room, Australia

The ATEN CE624 HDBaseT 2.0 KVM Extender provides the most reliable long-distance transmission of video, audio, USB and RS-232 signals available on the...