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Flexibility and collaboration in corporate meeting rooms

Sunrise, a Swiss conference room designer, installed 4K matrix switches in over 80 meeting rooms at the headquarters of a luxury watch designer. Each room also required central control to manage the entire setup at once.

The main objective is to create a flexible meeting room where participants can easily share multiple video sources directly to 2 or 3 TVs / projector. Either locally or remotely in combination with a 3rd party video conference system. The perfect AV distribution solution was found in ATENs 8x8 4K HDMI matrix switch with it's easy to control webGUI.

What were the requirements?

Multiple interfaces

Ability to distribute multiple inputs to multiple outputs.

Remote control

Multiple displays

Support a wide range of displays from different manufacturers.

Central control

Configuration and control of the matrix switch via Telnet commands to integrate into the conference room.

Multiple resolutions

Support 4K resolutions in case of future installation upgrades.




"ATEN provided an excellent pre-sales service, which made the integration of the matrix an easy job"

- Mr. Demont, Senior Engineer, Sunrise Communications AG

What were the additional benefits?

User interface

Swift profile control, scheduling and setup with the Red Dot Award winning web user interface.

Multiple control interfaces

System management via front-panel pushbuttons, IR remote, RS-232 control, and Ethernet connections.

Matrix switch

Connect any of 8 HDMI sources to any of 8 HDMI outputs.

How does it work?

80x VM0808HA
8x8 4K HDMI Matrix Switch

Products used for this project


8x8 4K HDMI Matrix Switch