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20-Port Intelligent Switched 0U Power Distribution Unit (PDU), Metered by Outlet (17 x C13, 3 x C19)

  • Remote power on / off / reboot control for eight outlets via TCP/IP and a built in RS-232 PON (Power Over the NET™) port
  • Local power on / off / reboot control via the PN0108's PON port to the computer's RS-232 port
  • Daisy chain up to 15 additional stations to control up to 128 outlets
  • Manual switching between Local and Remote access for each port via front panel push button switches
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ALTUSEN PN7320 Power Over the NET™ is a Power Distribution Unit that offers outlet level control combined with remote access to give IT administrators the ability to power control devices attached to the unit from practically any location via a TCP/IP connection. With support for power status measurement, PN7320 enables administrators to monitor the current, voltage and power consumption of their IT equipment, either at the PDU or outlet level, minimizing the power cost of running their equipment; and ensuring high levels of system availability for server rooms of all sizes.

The PN7320 PDU is highly suitable for server rooms or data centers with high-density server deployments. It features a space-saving 0U design that allows it to be mounted vertically on the outside of the rack, resulting in a more efficient use of server room space, and the elimination of the usual cable clutter.

A measuring feature, coupled with a threshold alarm, keeps you informed of the operating status of all your attached equipment. Warning messages regarding triggered alarms can be sent via an SMTP server or SMS via the unit's Digital Output port. The PN7320 also provides sensor ports for temperature and humidity monitoring and threshold alarm message notification. IT administrators are able to easily and conveniently monitor and power control connected devices – remotely if necessary – by means of a browser-based UI, thereby minimizing maintenance costs and ensuring 24/7 reliability for their server room operations.

The PN7320 can be daisy-chained to manage even more devices, so your server room management can expand in step with your company's growth. For ease of management, when PDUs are deployed in conjunction with other ALTUSEN products*, administrators can access them all from the same user interface. When a PDU is integrated in a CC (Control Center Over the NET™) management software installation, the power outlet of an IT device can be associated with its KVM port and displayed on the same CC web page. This allows IT administrators to completely control an IT device from a single user interface.
*KVM Over the NET™

Package Contents

  • 4x Serial Adapters
    • 1x SA0142 (RJ45F to DB9M)
    • 1x SA0149 (RJ45F to DB9F)
    • 1x SA0150 (RJ45F to DB9M)
    • 1x SA0151 (RJ45F to DB9F)
  • 2x Rack Mount Kits
  • 1x User Instructions
  • 1x Software CD
  • Power Distribution
  • Maximum Amps/Outlet: NEMA 30A/ 20 outlets; IEC 32A/ 20 outlets
  • Space saving 0U rack mount design
  • IEC or NEMA outlet models
  • Daisy chain up to 15 additional stations for up to 320 outlets
  • 2 x 7 segment front panel LED shows Station and Outlet ID
  • 3 x 7 segment LED shows current, voltage or power dissipation at PDU level
  • Overcurrent protection and recovery for the PDU
  • Remote users can monitor outlet status via web pages on their browsers
  • Safe shutdown support
  • Separate power for the unit's own power and its power outlets. The user interface is still accessible even when an overload condition trips the devices' circuit breaker

    Remote Access
  • Remote power control via TCP/IP and a built in 10/100 Mbps Ethernet port
  • Out of Band operation via modem access
  • Network Interfaces: TCP/IP, PPP, UDP, HTTP, HTTPS, SSL, SMTP, DHCP, ARP, NTP, DNS, Telnet, 10Base-T/100Base-TX, auto sense, Ping
  • IPv6 support

  • Local and Remote power outlet control (On, Off, Power Cycle) by individual outlets and outlet groups
  • Outlet group support at the PDU and Daisy-chain levels – the same action can be performed on a specified group of outlets at the same time
  • Supports redundant power management via daisy chaining and outlet groups
  • On/Off scheduling for individual outlets and outlet groups. Power management tasks can be scheduled on a daily, weekly, monthly, or user-specified times basis
  • Supports multiple power control methods – Wake on LAN, System After AC Back, Kill the Power
  • Power-on sequencing - users can set the power on sequence and delay time for each outlet to allow equipment to be turned on in the proper order
  • Easy setup and operation via a browser-based user interface
  • Multibrowser support (IE, Mozilla, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Netscape)
  • Telnet and SSH access for text menu configuration and outlet level switching / monitoring
  • Local console access support
  • Java GUI AP program provided for non-browser connectivity
  • RTC support to keep the timer running during times of no power
  • Up to 64 user accounts - up to 32 concurrent logins

  • Power status measurement at PDU and outlet levels
  • LED indicators for current; voltage; power dissipation; temperature; and humidity at the PDU and outlet levels
  • Current; voltage; power dissipation; and energy consumption displayed in a browsed-based UI for monitoring at the outlet, group, PDU, and daisy-chain levels
  • Environment monitoring – supports external temperature/temperature & humidity sensors for rack temperature and humidity monitoring
  • Current, voltage, power dissipation, energy consumption, temperature, and humidity threshold level setting
  • Alert threshold notification for selected events (On, Off, Recycle, Failure, etc.), via audio alarm and blinking LEDs (locally), SMTP, SNMP trap notification, and digital output
  • Naming support for outlets and outlet groups
  • User outlet access assignment on an outlet-by-outlet basis
  • Windows-based Log Server; event logging, and syslog support
  • Integration with ALTUSEN CC2000 Management software and KVM devices
  • Supports Management Information Base (MIB) files for SNMP
  • Supports SNMP Manager V3
  • API for 3rd party software centralized control integration
  • Auto-Ping pings a device to determine its status, if the ping test fails after a set amount of time- it automatically takes an action assigned
  • Upgradeable firmware – daisy chained stations receive the upgrade via the daisy chain bus
  • Multi-language support: English, German, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian

  • Three-level password security
  • IP/MAC filtering
  • Secure 128-bit SSL encryption
  • Remote authentication support: RADIUS, TACACS+, LDAP, LDAPS and Active Directory

Desc.Ver.Release DateFile Name
Firmware Upgradev1.5.1452012-04-09 pn7212_7320_v1.5.145.dat
Firmware Upgradev1.2.1112011-06-17 pn7212_7320_v1.2.111.dat
OSDesc.Ver.Release DateFile Name
MIB File
PN SNMP MIB Filev1.1.1022012-05-02 pn5212_5320_7212_7320_mibfile_v1.1.102.zip
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