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Supplying Digitization

A major ICT services provider in Germany needed to merge its technical and customer service departments. This required the overhaul and upgrade of several data centers located in 3 different cities.

The central maintenance center, in charge of all data centers, needed to manage a large amount of servers simultaneously with a customized over IP management system to help IT managers to automate an array of daily operational processes involved in the provision of a wide range of ICT services as well as take immediate action over IP or on-the-spot in case of irregularities.


Centralized Management

Remote access to all data centers involved in the provision of ICT services from a centralized location for real-time updating and maintenance

Intuitive Monitoring

Provide ability to selectively and intuitively monitor attached DisplayPort-interfaced servers

Local Access

Local access for routine scheduled maintenance and for emergency responses to issues requiring immediate attention

Data Security

Must adopt best practices for securing networks and customer data, including access control and encryption

The solution offers complete centralized access to critical systems and real-time remote management for the ICT service provider to ensure seamless service delivery.

Supported by ATEN KVM over IP Switches.


Centralized Maintenance

Virtual Media support enables file applications, OS patching, software installation, and diagnostic testing across the installation from a single console

Swift, Secure Surveillance

PadClient app allows instant, convenient, and secure remote access to control servers via an iPad

Broadcast Mode

Allows the installer to simultaneously handle and copy actions to all computers at once

High-grade Security

KVM switches provide an extra layer of hardware protection for the data center, and are also equipped with extra security measures

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