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Release Note

Welcome to KN8164V/KN8132V/KN4164V/KN2116VA/KN2132VA/KN4116VA/KN4132VA KVM over IP Switch
Notice: Before downloading the software , be sure to read the following information carefully.
This latest version contains corrections to the last version and additions to the next version. You will find them listed below.
Version History
V2.0.197New Features
- None
- Fixes local OSD display issue
- None
Main: V2.0.195
KA7120: v2.6.251
KA7130: v2.4.231
KA7140: v1.1.105
KA7170: v3.4.332
KA7175: v1.3.126
KA7176: v1.3.126
KA7177: v1.4.134
KA7171: v2.0.192
KA7166: v1.6.156
KA7168: v1.5.156
KA7169: v1.6.156
KA7178: v1.0.072
KA7188: v1.0.094
KA7189: v1.0.094
V2.0.195New Features
1. New UI theme
2. Support KH1532A for cascading
3. Security level added in Device Management > Security
1. Improves login security mechanism.
2. Fixes when KN console choose OpenGUI from menu, sometimes can not enter into GUI mode.
3. Windows title info added in the customize control panel of WinClient & JavaClient
4. Event notifications of LAN disconnection & PSU failure added
5. MIB file with warning events updated (e.g. abnormal conditions of power, fan, or temperature)
6. WinClient & JavaClient application support old KN models
7. Disclaimer added in Device Management > Disclaimer
8. “At least one special character” added in account policy in User Management > Account Policy
9. Supports SHA & 128-bit AES encryption for authentication in SNMPv3
10. Supports Console Station (KA8270, KA8278, KA8280, KA8288)
11. Supports new dongle firmware (KA7120, KA7170, KA7175, KA7176, KA7177, KA7166, KA7168, KA7169)
12. Supports 64-bit java for JavaClient
13. Fixes a crash issue in Winclient when mounting ISO with Dell G10
14. The default setting for Mouse DynaSync is changed to Automatic Sync.
1. Account policy moved to User Management
V1.3.1271. Improved USB keyboard compatibility.
2. New SNMP MIB file to support get MFG# from SNMP.
V1.3.1221. New Video Compression for lower bandwidth.
2. Integrated Frame Rate setup.
3. Integrated Drag and drop automatic mounting for Virtual Media Read and Write.
4. RADIUS Authentication type with PAP and CHAP.
5. WinClient/JavaClient supports All KN 2/4/8 Series.
6. Set Cable Length automatically or manually.
V1.2.113Improved keyboard and mouse compatibility.
V1.1.1081. Integrated Multi-View Feature.
2. Integrated Local Console Cascade with KM0532 and KM0932.
3. Integrated Drag and drop automatic mounting for Virtual Media.
4. Enhanced Panel Array Mode with 64 Screens and setup screen color.
5. Supported KA7178 for Redundancy and Channel Forwarding.
6. Supported Serial Device.
7. Supported MIB SNMP object for configuration.
v1.0.086Improved to prevent from XSS attack. 
v1.0.079Initial Release