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Control Room Visualization with Multi-View and Boundless Switching Efficiency

In any control room, making the best decisions at the right time requires optimal visualization and data integration for informed analysis and collaboration. In addition to video walls, efficient operations with intuitive control and management over multiple computers and displays are also essential to control room desktop productivity.
To facilitate control room multitasking, ATEN’s multi-view KVM Switches can interoperate seamlessly into any workflow to process intensive visual data on displays simultaneously with versatile screen configurations from a single console. With up to 4 video inputs integrated on a single screen, real-time monitoring is optimized via a budget-friendly and ergonomic approach with space efficiency to expedite control room operations. The KVM switches can be further daisy-chained or cascaded as the amount of computers scales up to accommodate the collaboration of up to 16 video sources all at once in a 4x4 grid setting.
Aside from multi-view agility, ATEN’s KVM / KM switches are also empowered by an intuitive Boundless Switching capability to switch control from one computer to another instantaneously by moving the mouse cursor across multiple displays or windows. With straightforward access to critical information from multiple systems over multiple displays, a multifunctional control room deployment can be streamlined to respond to any contingency in real time.

Superior Visual Quality

ATEN solutions deliver superior image quality up to 4K DCI on multiple displays for collaboration-heavy deployments, as well as to desktop console stations for mission-critical operations

Video DynaSync™

Exclusive ATEN technology eliminates boot-up display problems and optimizes the resolution when switching between different sources

Centralized Control

The installation can be scaled up via daisy-chain or cascade connections to cover up to 16 video sources (computers) for centralized control via a single console

Peripheral Sharing

Additional USB port for hot-pluggable connection to USB devices to share data between computers

Boundless Switching

Boundless Switching features instant access and control to any target video source by allowing the mouse cursor to move across window borders or displays boundlessly and seamlessly.

Versatile Display Modes

With dual output setup, multi-sourced video data can be displayed in various display modes –Full Screen, Quad View, PiP (picture in picture), PbP (picture by picture), and PoP (picture on picture) on the primary display, while a selected source can be shown in full screen on the secondary display, improving operational efficiency without missing any important details.

Daisy Chain & Cascade Support

A single multi-view KVM console can control up to 16 computers (video sources) via either daisy chain connection or 2-level cascade with video displayed in up to 4x4 multi-view mode.

Solutions in Action


Multi-View Monitoring

The CL3884NW can serve as a CMS (Centralized Management System) and provide multiviewer monitoring for NVR (network video recorder) control in scenarios where real-time surveillance is required. In general, each NVR is designed to work only with the CMS of its own brand at a high license fee. The CL3884NW, on the other hand, allows for the integration of NVRs of different brands without extra costs for management software. With the 1U and dual-rail design, the ATEN CL3884NW can be installed in a server rack where its keyboard and touchpad can slide back to save space while not in use.

  • 18.5" short-depth LCD KVM
  • 1U, dual-rail housing
  • Multi-View console with up to 4x4 video sources
  • Space saving with slidable keyboard and touchpad
  • Great hardware compatibility
  • No extra software installation required

Media Control

The CM1284 is designed to streamline desktop operations with multi-view agility. With connection of up to 4 HDMI computers and 2 HDMI displays, this 4K HDMI Multi-View desktop KVM switch is intended to facilitate real-time monitoring of multiple video sources on a single display with multi-view screen setting.

  • Dual output on a single console – a multi-view output and a full-screen output
  • Boundless Switching – intuitive switching by moving the mouse cursor across windows
  • Flexible computer selection – via front panel pushbuttons, hokey, mouse, OSD, IR remote and serial commands
  • Video DynaSync – avoids boot-up display problems while delivering optimized resolution when switching among different sources
  • EDID Expert – allows selection of optimum EDID settings for smooth power-up, high-quality display, and use of the best resolution across screens
  • Independent switching – for USB peripheral port, audio, and KVM switch focus

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Computer Connections444
Resolution4096 x 2160 @ 30 Hz1920 x 1200 @ 60 Hz1920 x 1080 @ 60 Hz
Dual Display Support
Port SelectionPushbuttons, Hotkeys, IR Remote Control, OSD, Mouse Wheel, Mouse Cursor, RS-232 CommandsPushbuttons, Hotkeys, IR Remote Control, OSD, Mouse Wheel, Mouse Cursor, RS-232 CommandsOSD, Hotkey, Pushbutton,
RS-232 Commands
Boundless Switching
Video DynaSync
Daisy Chain (Up to 16 PCs) (Up to 16 PCs)
Cascade (Up to 16 PCs) (Up to 16 PCs)

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