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Sensor Box for GN0116


For remote environment monitoring and management of critical computer systems over IP networks, ATEN provides various sensor boxes to work in tandem with the GN0116 (Guardian Over the NET™ ). EA2110/EA2210/EA2310 enables you to get status feedback on AC current, AC voltage and humidity. The sensor boxes can simply be connected to the Voltage Analog Input port of the GN0116 via Cat 5 (or higher) cable, and then configured and monitored over the internet with a web browser.

Sensor Box:
* EA2110: 1 x AC Current Sensor and 1 x Humidity Sensor
* EA2210: 2 x AC Current Sensors
* EA2310: 1 x AC Current Sensor and 1 x AC Voltage Sensor

Package Contents

  • 1x EA2110,EA2210 or EA2310 Sensor
  • 1x AC Current Sensor+Cable (EA2110)
  • 2x AC Current Sensor+Cable (EA2210)
  • 1x AC Power Cord (EA2310)
  • 1x Mounting Kit
  • Easy configuration and operation via GN0116's browser GUI interface
  • Humidity, voltage and current settings allow equipment to be monitored for irregularities
  • Ranges available: 0-25A (RMS) (EA2110/EA2210), 0-15A (RMS) (EA2310)
  • Compact size
  • Non-powered - sensor boxes are powered by the attached GN0116
  • Sensor boxes are connected to the GN0116 via standard Cat 5 (or higher) cable for environment status monitoring