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Release Note

Welcome to KA8270/KA8280/KA8278/KA8288 VGA KVM over IP Console Station  
Notice: Before downloading the software , be sure to read the following information carefully.
This latest version contains corrections to the last version and additions to the next version. You will find them listed below.
Version History
V1.1.107Bug Fixs:
- Mouse pointer might be jumping around when using mouse scroll wheel.
- When CN9600 is in initial status, Console Station might not be able to add/access it.
* KN firmware v2.8.xxx or above
- Color block might appear randomly when switch between CN8000A
- For KA8278/KA8288, green frame will appear on the display to remind where the mouse cursor is
Bug Fixs:
- Ports in panel array display/device display might show "No signal"*.
- System might unexpectedly reboot when LDAP group name is longer than limit.
- With single mouse pointer type, mouse cursor might disappear when it hovers over toolbar.
- During cascading, the system might unexpectedly reboot when another console station enters full screen mode
- Incorrect results after entering "¥" and "\" with Japanese keyboard
- Editing CN9600 privilege might fail
- Audio might delay
- Connection to KVM port might fail when the port is set as exclusive mode
- Encrypted video transmission from CN9600 might fail to display on console stations.
- With single mouse pointer type, mouse cursor might disappear when a double –click is acted on panel array screens.
- With single mouse pointer type, mouse cursor might disappear when switching to KVM OSD with hotkey.
- Hotkey setting changes might fail to save after system reboot.
- In multi-language, KVM OSD UI strings might be garbled
- 1024x768 video source might not be displayed appropriately
- System might unexpectedly reboot in the operations of CN9600 OSD with Japanese language.
- Keyboard/mouse might has no response after entering hotkey F5,F6, F7 and then ESC
* KN firmware v2.8.xxx or above is required.
V1.1.102What's New
1. Boundless switching (go to"System Configuration" > "System Management" > "Cascade")
2. Support KN1108VA, KN1116VA, KL1108V, KL1116V (v1.1.103 or above)
3. Support CN9600 (v1.1.101 or above)
4. Support USB smartcard
1. Redesigned login screen
2. Added "Clear History" option to remove login history in login screen
3. Reworded UI strings
V1.0.0761. Support KN1108VA,KN1116VA,KL1108V,KL1116V
2. Enhanced monitor compatibility
3. Enhanced the stability of video quality in low temperature environment
4. Fixed a random loss of video output during boot up
Support CN8000A(v1.0.089) and KN1000A(v1.0.068)
KA8278, KA822 can display two KVM ports of the same KN device from viewer on its dual displays
1. KA8278/KA8288 can display two KVM ports from the same KN device on its dual screens (Clicking Menu icon of the device in Tab Display)
2. KA8278/KA8288 can switch video output (via System Configuration > Maintenance > System Operation)
3. Snapshot enhanced (KN FW: v1.6.153 or above required)
4. Enforce users to change default password during first-time login
5.“administrator” user account cannot
Bug fixes:
1. Marco functions cannot work properly
2. Special keys in Japanese keyboard cannot work properly
3. Incorrect MAC address displayed in device connection log
V1.0.065Initial release.Compatible KVM over IP switches include KN1132V, KN2116VA, KN4116VA, KN2132VA, KN4132VA, KN4164V, KN8132V, KN8164V, KN2124VA, KN4124VA, KN2140VA, and KN4140VA. The aforementioned KVM over IP switches require corresponding firmware v1.6.151 or above to support the KVM over IP Console Station.