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Channel 5: Anleitungsvideos

How to set up ATEN Single-port KVM over IP Switches (CN Series) for remote work

The ATEN CN series of Single-port Over IP KVM Switches offers a secure solution for remote PC access to secure your remote working future.

How to make your podcast sound professional with ATEN MicLIVE?

In this video we're going to be looking at the new ATEN Podcast AI Audio Mixer, MicLIVE 6-CH and how to set up a two-person podcast.

Wie das ATEM Raumbuchungssystem benutzt wird – Ihr Raumverwaltungsexperte

Dieses Video zeigt Ihnen, wie Sie das ATEN RBS-Panel bedienen, um die Nutzung von Besprechungsräumen zu optimieren, und stellt die wichtigsten Funktionen des Raumbuchungssystems vor.

How to upgrade the firmware and use Android tablets with ATEN StreamLIVE™ PRO?

In this video we'll show you how to upgrade the firmware and set up your ATEN StreamLIVE™ PRO All-in-one Multi-channel AV Mixer (UC9040) with an Android tablet.