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User-friendly, multi-tasking in software development

Working in software development, people are multi-tasking on daily base. Developing, testing and working requires to use multiple computers and operating systems at the same time. Intos Electronic received a particular request from a developer to combine three 4K monitors, two notebooks, one PC, a webcam and soundsystem in a neat, clutter-free desktop setup.

Intos offers a wide range of desktop management solutions and immediately remembered the ATEN triple display KVM switch. With several USB3.0 ports and the independent switching functionality, this KVM solution proofed to be the most user-friendly match.

What were the requirements?

Multiple 4K displays

Supporting triple display functionality at 4K DCI (4096 x 2160, 60Hz).

Clutter-free workspace

Multiple USB3.0 ports can be accessed centrally from the KVM switch, no need to re-plug upon switching systems, and enable data transfer rates at 5 Gbps.

Various operating systems

Hardware-based KVM switching ensures compatibility with any operating system.



Partners for this project

"The ATEN team keeps expanding its KVM range with the latest market needs. We always find the right solutions for our customers."

Michael Keiler, Intos Electronic AG.

Independent switching

Audio, video and peripherals. Connect to the audio of PC 1 while controlling PC 2.


Centrally connect your microphone and soundsystem for use by all operating systems.


Combine 2 KVM switches for a hexa-view set-up, thanks to the daisy-chain port.

How does it work?

Product used for this project


4-Port USB3.0 4K DisplayPort Triple Display KVMP™ Switch