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Solutions for Broadcasting

The art of content distribution comes in many shapes and sizes. While we used to gather in front of the TV to watch the daily news, we now constantly receive updates from our smartphones and -watches. While consumption changed, so did production. Creating captivating content used to be the domain of a select group, in large production studios. Anno 2020, everyone can be a creator and we seem to be only limited by our own creativity.



Technological improvements are, more often than not, the key factors in the advancement of an industry. As possibilities multiply and innovations become more accessible, both consumer and supplier behavior evolve. ATEN’s R&D teams recognize this trend. They strive to provide suitable solutions for both sides, ensuring the entire spectrum from an agile streamer to a versatile production area is covered.

ATEN offers a variety of devices that can benefit every content creator, whether they are a beginning streamer, a professional vlogger, working for personal benefit or supporting a larger organization. The UC9020 AV Mixer for livestreaming for example, offers an all-in-one solution that’s easy to carry with you. Set up anywhere, anytime and deliver high quality streams without the need for post-production. In need of some high-quality imaging and wondering how to connect your camera directly to your PC or laptop? ATEN’s UC3020 Camlive Video Capture Adapter connects any HDMI device over USB-C and makes sure that no detail goes unnoticed. Taking things even further is the UC3022 Camlive Pro Dual HDMI to USB-C Video Capture. While two HDMI-devices can be connected, an intuitive app gives you full control over the captured content. All these functionalities are easy to carry and ready when you are.

Not only individual creatives are constantly on the move, looking for interesting stories to capture. Broadcasting networks also try to get close to the action and deploy large vans that are completely redesigned to fit the needs of a mobile production studio. The ATEN KE-family provides a powerful, flexible and noiseless solution, perfectly fit for this environment. For instance the KE6940 Dual Display KVM over IP Extender, which not only allows you to access multiple computers from your workstation, but also to share the content with co-workers. Content can be pushed to mutual screens or pulled to an individual workstation. The KE8952 4K HDMI Single Display KVM over IP Extender allows for 4K content distribution and the creation of video walls. Furthermore, all these devices can be easily managed with the virtual matrix CCKM software. The intuitive software allows you to preview and interact with computers via multiple transmitters. The boundless switching functionality optimizes your workflow even further.

Technological advancements have not only broadened the possibilities for new entrants within the broadcasting industries or for creators on the move. Broadcasting studios benefit from innovations, such as the ever-improving quality and size of video walls or the increasing efficiency of content management. ATEN’s VM3250 Modular Video Matrix Switch feels right at home in such a high-demanding role. Connectivity and possibility are keywords with this device as up to 32 sources can be connected to any type of 32 displays. An easy-to-use web GUI makes sure that control stays with the user and True 4K distribution becomes available at the push of a button.

Content creation, capturing and distribution have never been easier, and possibilities are ever-growing. Feeling creative and looking to start streaming yourself? Interested in expanding your current broadcasting installation? Feel free to contact us. Whether you are just looking for some information or having a specific question, we are happy to help! If you want to learn more about ATEN and our other solutions, make sure to check www.aten.com or subscribe for our newsletters and be the first to hear about new solutions!