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The LCD Console for you

Servers are an integral part of many companies. They store massive amounts of data, ensure up-time and make sure that daily operations run smoothly. However, these silent drivers are often stored in dark basements because they are noisy, create a lot of heat and, let’s face it, they’re not the most aesthetical part of a company. Nevertheless, they need maintenance and easy access can save valuable time.



So how to combine large installations in an inconvenient environment with effortless accessibility and efficient data management? You install one of the ATEN LCD-solutions, of course! ATEN offers LCD consoles like the CL3800 LCD console, to access a single server. Centralized access to multiple servers is possible with an LCD KVM switch, a little larger in size, because of the built-in KVM switch. Whether you need to guarantee server access in a server room, save space in a broadcasting van or keep production going at your assembly line, there is surely an ATEN LCD console fit for you. Let’s run through some options together.

If you want to connect more than one server, the entrée-level model CL5708N single rail LCD KVM switch can be a quick fix. This rack-mountable device with built-in KVM switch, allows you to work efficiently in all conditions. For instance, its Broadcasting Mode copies all commands done on one server simultaneously to all servers. The LED-illumination light, on the other hand, is an example of a convenient feature, keeping your keyboard and mouse visible in low light conditions. Do you prefer to save extra space? Go for a dual rail version with CL5808N dual rail LCD KVM switch. Its dual rail functionality allows the LCD display to slide out independently from the keyboard and mouse. Anyone looking for ultimate flexibility and monitoring will enjoy CL3884 multi-view LCD KVM switch, which adds multiple screen layouts to above-mentioned functions.



“Its dual rail functionality allows the LCD display to slide out independently from the keyboard and mouse.”



To ensure 24/7 accessibility, an over IP model might be your best fit. On top of the basic features, these models have extra security and user settings. These help daily operations tremendously and make data management even more convenient. The KL1508Ai LCD KVM over IP switch incorporates Panel Array Mode to visualize all servers at once and makes sure you will not miss a thing on any of the connected servers. Furthermore, the device is daisy-chainable, allowing up to 256 computers to be controlled at once. Need a military-certified version? Then check out the KL1108V KVM over IP switch with advanced security features.



“Need military certification on security standards? ATEN can offer it!”



Now your rack and the flow of data is optimized, you may be willing to take a look at your servers’ performances with an intelligent power distribution unit. With PE8208 metered and switched eco PDU you will gain valuable insight into the current, voltage and kWH-usage of your servers through an intuitive browser-based user interface eco DC. To top it off, each outlet can be individually controlled remotely.


Managing your server room becomes hassle-free when convenient access is a given. This will allow data management to run smoothly, increasing productivity in the process. Still not satisfied and looking to streamline operations even more? Don’t hesitate to contact us on sales@aten.eu. We help you with any pre-sales question for free, without any strings attached. You can already test some of the above-mentioned LCD KVM switches through www.aten.com/kvm-experience.