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Clarity and Control

A global manufacturer of LCD panels had several manufacturing and module assembly plants that needed their critical monitoring and control systems to be upgraded to help maintain their competitive advantage.

The production equipment is extremely expensive and requires 3 shifts of engineers for full-time 24/7 operation, with two engineers handling the control system for individual equipment, one in the fab clean room doing field operation and another in the control room doing remote monitoring.

The supervisor needed a solution to provide them with priority access, allowing them to take remote control of areas without needing extra staff in order to improve efficiency while reducing manpower costs.


24/7 Remote Access

Highly expensive production line equipment needs support for 24/7 operation

Priority control

Support for both remote and local operations required

Advanced Monitoring

Required a Web-based monitoring system with advanced functionalities

Restricted Space

Must take up minimal space while maximizing personnel efficiency

The solution not only provides simultaneous monitoring of multiple systems, but also takes advantage of the existing network, meaning that experienced engineers are now able to set up new production lines much more easily.

Supported by ATEN RCM solutions


Enhanced Visibility

Remote access allows instant clean room visibility for supervisors

Priority Access

Remote engineers can take control of non-staffed areas when needed

Increased Productivity

Remote engineers can monitor four browsers on one screen via Web-based GUI

Future-proof Solution

Takes up minimal space and allows for easy setup of new production lines

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