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Surgical Media Distribution

The Center for Research and Biotechnical Applications in Cardiovascular Surgery (CRABCC), located in Rivolta d'Adda, Italy, studies new surgical techniques, reconstructive medicine, and video-assisted robotic surgery in the field of veterinary science.

CRABCC reached out to Allnet.Italia, an ATEN Italian Ambassador Distributor, because they were looking for a solution to integrate the essential video output from four different electromedical device peripherals used during surgery into one quad-view feed on a 60-inch LCD screen for convenient monitoring by those in the room, and also to both record and stream the surgeries for safety, training, and insurance purposes. An extra dedicated video output for one of the peripherals was also required.

The multi-view setup offers us ease of use and peace of mind. It allows us to demonstrate complicated medical procedures to our students.

Dr. Alessandro Addis, CRABCC srl

Connection Diagram

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