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Lighting production line

Being responsible for +71 million lights worldwide, this production line is part of a global distribution network in conventional, LED and connected lighting solutions. As one of the largest employers within its region, the company invests in usability and optimized employee working-tools.

To optimize the production line, new terminals are installed, each consisting of a keyboard, display and mouse. Each connected to different computers, the ATEN KVM switches allow factory workers to access information on-site, while computers are securely stored in a separate dust- and interference-free room. Constant temperature and an ICT-secured room are part of the conveniences.

What were the requirements?
Remote control


Reliable, latency-free connections guarantee communication efficiency.

Fast switching

Data from different computers readily available from all terminals.

Intuitive handling

A friendly user-interface allows various connection levels based on user access rights.




Partner for this project

"ATEN‘s KVM switch solution was both compatible with the existing infrastructure and an upgrade for outdated components, providing us with an efficient and modern fix."

Nick Geys, Product Manager, Copaco

What were the additional benefits?

High grade security

Supports FIPS 140-2 level 1 security standards.


RJ-45 connectors allow for KVM adapters.

Panel Array Mode™

Allows administrators to monitor up to all connected servers on one screen simultaneously.

How does it work?

1x KN8132V
32-Port Cat 5
KVM over IP Switch
1x KN4116VA
16-Port Cat 5
KVM over IP Switch
22x KA7189
USB DisplayPort
KVM Adapter
10x KA8270
Console Station

Products used for this project


VGA KVM over IP Console Station


USB DisplayPort Virtual Media KVM Adapter (Support Smart Card Reader and Audio De-Embedder)


1-Local/4-Remote Access 16-Port Multi-Interface Cat 5 KVM over IP Switch


1-Local/8-Remote Access 32-Port Multi-Interface Cat 5 KVM over IP Switch