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Telecom operator, datacenter, Germany

Merging a technical and customer service department lead to the rearrangement of several server parks, located in 3 different cities.

The central maintenance center, in charge of all datacenters, manages a mass amount of servers simultaneously, thanks to multiple KVM over IP switches. A custom management system helps the IT managers to automate many daily operational processes. Only in case of irregularities, the IT managers are notified to check what is going wrong. They can take immediate action, over IP or on-the-spot.

What were the requirements?
Central control

Central management

Remote access to all
server parks from a central maintenance office.


Secure access

The KVM switch provides for an extra layer of hardware protection for the datacenter, but is also equipped with  xtra security measures ensuring  its compliance with the FIPS-140-2 norm.

User rights

Local management

Local access to individual
servers in case of critical events.

What were the additional benefits?
Central control


An app which allows swift surveillance and access to the servers through the KVM switches.


Resolution detection

The EDID mode of the dongles enables each server to efficiently detect resolutions.

User rights

Broadcasting mode

Allows the installer to simultaneously handle and copy actions to all computers at once.

How does it work?

79x KN4140VA
KVM over IP switch
3160x KA7169
KVM adapter

Products used for this project


1-Local/4-Remote Access 40-Port Multi-Interface Cat 5 KVM over IP Switch


USB DisplayPort Virtual Media KVM Adapter with Smart Card Support