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Training room with multi server access

Mitel is a manufacturer of VoiP systems and market leader in business communications. The company powers more than two billion business connections around the world. The mission is “to help businesses and service providers connect and collaborate” as Mitel guarantees innovative services to its customers worldwide. Mitel rebuilt one of its demo and training centers in France. To train their guests, the team needs to demonstrate and operate servers on multiple screens. These 6 servers host essential Mitel applications.

ATEN’s KE8900S KVM over IP matrix system proved to be a perfect fit. The trainer monitors the servers from 3 screens, while presenting to the class. The presenter’s KVM receiver can instantly access any server connected to the KVM matrix system. The presenter needs no more than a single keyboard and mouse. No need to switch cables. The trainees follow the demonstration instantly by three larger, main screens. Facilitator in this solution is the boundless switching technology, making switching between servers as simple as moving the mouse cursor. The KVM system guarantees a smoother than ever training session.

The KVM solution was delivered to Mitel in a short time-frame via Exertis-Connect, official distributor of ATEN in France, who also arranged the test samples.

What were the requirements?
Remote control

Smooth operation

Fast switching and stable connection to all servers.

Multi server access

Access multiple servers from one central point.

Push and Pull content

Easily push a new server to the main training monitors.




"ATEN offered a great local service with the deployment and configuration of the project."

Sandrine Quinton, Senior Public Relations Manager, Mitel

What were the additional benefits?

Boundless Switching

Simply move the mouse cursor across the border and onto the target computer display to switch the control from one computer to the next.

Central management

Pick and choose the desired server from a webGUI which centralizes all servers and pre-views each server live.

Slim form factor

Receivers and transmitters can easily be hidden from plain sight.

How does it work?

7x KE8900ST
HDMI KVM over IP Transmitter
3x KE8900SR
HDMI KVM over IP Receiver
Matrix Management Software
2x UEH4102
4-Port USB over IP extender

Products used for this project


Slim HDMI Single Display KVM over IP Receiver


Slim HDMI Single Display KVM over IP Transmitter


4-Port USB 2.0 Cat 5 Extender over LAN


KVM over IP Matrix Manager