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Hybrid Workplace Solutions Guide

The traditional “day at the office” has likely gone forever and workforces are already transitioning to the next normal while simultaneously charting new paths to intelligent, optimized workflows and boosted core efficiencies. But how will they be implemented?

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Government Solutions Guide

In an ever-changing world, government organizations must necessarily be adaptive. Many governments have long been funding technologies for use in the public sector. But in a world that is now radically transforming due to COVID-19, it has become an imperative that government organizations must be smarter and more agile when investing in technology to serve citizens effectively and deliver on their missions. Partnering with technology vendors for increasing the pace of tech take-up and aligning those tech implementation choices to mission strategies has never been more crucial.

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Remote Learning Solutions Guide

Education is the key driver for long-term economic growth in terms of productivity, better thinking skills, and a motivated workforce. With such an impact on quality of life, and the increasing importance of remote solutions as the world adapts to the post-COVID-19 New Normal, it is crucial that education remains not only accessible but also relevant. Adopting existing and new technologies for remote learning, as standalone solutions or in combination with larger Pro AV delivery and control solutions in the education environment, can ensure a better, brighter future for everyone.

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Healthcare Solutions Guide

Healthcare is one industry that has a direct impact on quality of life, and clinical and technological advances as key drivers of sales work in tandem with aging and growing populations in both current and developing markets, as well as with increasingly converging industries. For vendors that supply AV delivery and control signal solutions as part of these wider, more integrated healthcare systems, adapting to changing consumer needs, demands, and expectations means finding ways to provide solutions that not only increase access and efficiency, but also drive innovation in intelligent control systems and consistently improve AV quality.

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Remote Management Solutions Guide

Cost, distance, and security are among the main factors when considering remote management and support solutions for unmanned, widely distributed or limited-access IT facilities. ATEN KVM over IP Remote Management solutions allow operators to monitor and access multiple servers remotely at any time and from anywhere. Especially suitable for the management of data centers or branch office servers, ATEN solutions are also equally suited to the task of remotely managing server rooms or IT installations that may be unmanned, staffed only part-time, widely distributed, or have limited access for a variety of reasons.

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High-Tech Production Line Solutions Guide

Manufacturing is among the vertical sectors to have received the largest impact of the technological developments of the last decade. Beyond the incredible cross-industry disruption created by the Internet of Things (IoT), new paradigms in consumer purchasing behavior, manufacturing services, and industrial security are beginning to upend traditional production models, leaving companies both large and small scrambling to catch up to ensure competitiveness. ATEN has developed high-performance KVMs as Remote Control and Monitoring (RCM) management solutions that provide convenient, flexible, and efficient management of production control systems and quality-testing operations.

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Office Desktop Solutions Guide

As the desktop KVM market transitions to a digital future, it is no surprise that one of the key drivers of sales is the increasing availability and affordability of ultra high-resolution screens and monitors, especially those that are DisplayPort interfaced. These forces work in tandem with higher bandwidth requirements across a wide range of applications that require ultra high-resolution video, such as CGI work at movie and animation companies; post-production video editing at broadcasting companies; and CAD engineering across a wide range of advanced industries.

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Data Center / Server Room Solutions Guide

In the rapidly-evolving data-hungry IT environment, data center management is becoming increasingly intensive and complex. There is no one-size-fits-all solution, and in this new era of opportunity, enterprise level corporations require innovative and sustainable data center solutions that allow their businesses to grow in an impactful way. ATEN’s wide range of data center KVM and serial console solutions offer just that – convenient, flexible, centralized remote access and management of IT devices in multiple data centers and distributed branch/remote offices.

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Meeting Room

In today's corporate climate, clear and efficient communication is an essential competitive advantage – and the vast majority of that communication is undertaken in various meeting room environments. Work to your full potential with ATEN meeting room technology that works with you. Our solutions deliver the flexibility, ease-of-use, and control you need for any size meeting room environment, and are designed to encourage and augment the kind of activities that are crucial to success in today's information-centric global business world.

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Keeping pace with the changing nature of educational technology is both a challenge and an opportunity, as more and more universities and schools realize the increasing importance of equipping their facilities with classroom solutions that bolster their curriculums in appealing and effective ways. ATEN understand the increasing complexity of classroom environment requirements and we provide the devices and the control systems to enable students and teachers to collaborate in learning partnerships. ATEN has the right classroom solution for you.

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Control Room

Control rooms are an essential component of many industries. Whether it's for monitoring, decision-making, responding, controlling, collaborating or communicating, ATEN control room solutions bring the future of control rooms closer – redefining control rooms for efficient work and better decision-making.

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Digital Signage

The key to a successful digital signage installation is the seamless distribution of A/V source content to multiple displays. No matter whether the content is from media players or computers, and the displays are for information or entertainment purposes, the distribution system must enable administrators to quickly and easily control the content displayed from a convenient, central location. ATEN has a digital signage solution that is flexible, scalable, seamless, affordable and, above all, tailored to meet your needs.

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